Monday, October 23, 2017

A New Romance From Carrie Padgett

Carrie Padgett's latest romance novella Brooke Runs Away
A Hart's Leap Romance Novella

Brooke Adler’s family warns her that the chances of finding love on reality television are about 87%. She’s a fourth grade teacher, not a statistician, but if she takes the offered opportunity, an 87% chance of a tropical vacation sounds pretty good. 

Austin Richmond isn’t interested in finding love—whatever that is—anywhere, much less on television. But his mom pleads for the publicity the show will give her non-profit foundation, so he reluctantly agrees. 

When Brooke and Austin meet on the set of Date My Son! more than sparks fly. Volleyballs and bowling balls whiz around, narrowly missing heads and hearts. Surprise visitors from home arrive on set. Engagements are announced. And withdrawn. 

Both Brooke and Austin must face past choices before they can embrace their future—and each other. 

My Review:  After her father’s death, Brooke runs from the only place she’s every known to busy Los Angeles. While filling out what she thinks is a survey, Brooke accidentally is cast in a reality dating show.

Austin the hunk on the show isn’t looking for love. He’s agreed to take the job to please his mother and promote her foundation. Brooke catches his eye at the interviews and their tumultuous journey begins.

Ms. Padgett writes an engaging and heartwarming romance. The characters spring to life from the page with appealing descriptions and dialogue set against the backdrop of a reality show where things aren’t often as they seem. I love, love, love the novella – I might just have to read it again!

Meet Carrie: Carrie Padgett is a second generation native Californian married to a third generation native. She's lived in northern, central, and southern California and declares them all wonderful places. Carrie writes contemporary fiction with romance. She believes in families, fun, and happily ever after. She and her husband live in Central California with their cat and dog and within driving distance of their grand-children.