Friday, July 14, 2017

Release Day for Twisted by DiAne Gates

Today, DiAne Gates' book Twisted will be released. This book is the continuing adventures of Crissy Crosby which began in Roped 

What begins as a nasty rodeo competition morphs into a ring of horse thieves, an uncle with a past, and consequences that span generations.

TWISTED, continues the journey of the Crosby and Fairgate families. Will these two Texas teens finally overcome the past and discover the future God has planned, or will they forever be trapped by the crimes of their fathers?

My Review:  Twisted opens right after Crissy Crosby’s rodeo championship. Unfortunately, she and her parents are stepping into something fiercer than a ride on a bucking bronco.  She’s about to face her classmate and rodeo competitor Jodie Lea’s father, Ed Fairgate.

The Fairgate family have a long and warped history. As Ed hovers on the edge of death, the family’s secrets are unraveled. Crissy, her parents, and her grandfather try to help the Fairgate family, but the Crosby’s property is damaged and horses stolen in the process. Crissy once again reaches out to Jodie Lea, but it may be too late for all of them.

This young adult novel by Ms. Gates is action packed from the very first page. It is hard to put down and indeed has a twisted story line. While quite entertaining to read, the book is packed with a strong message of faith and character building qualities.   

A little bit about DiAne:  DiAne is an artist, writer, photographer, and GriefShare facilitator who also leads an adult edit group for North Texas Christian Writers, LifeSavers is for adults who are serious about their writing skills. 

DiAne's YA novel "Roped" released by Prism Book Group was named a YA finalist for the Grace Awards and also finaled in The Christian Literary Henri Awards for 2016. 


DiAne Gates said...

Vicki, thank you for your wonderful review. Over the next week there will be a basket-full of give-a-ways. Check my website to enter for these prizes.

Julie b Cosgrove said...

I had the privilege of being a beta reader, adn this book is amazing! If you liked Roped, this one will definitely need to be downloaded onto your reader. And if not, well you better get them both! They are both worth much more than the $4.99 price!!

kristi vega said...

This is a good friend of mine, this is her second book in a series. She is a Christian novelist who writes about morals and responsibility. I was gifted with a copy of this book with no requirement to write a review. This is a great read. I identify a lot with Crissy and my struggle to trust and to trust in faith. I see a lot of people out there who claim faith and treat people conditionally. Diane reminds me of my mom. Both women of great faith and always a great example of how to treat people even if they are different than you.. love you Diane Gates. Thank you for the lessons. Please support this author. Released on Amazon yesterday.