Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Into Reading

Recent Releases from Prism Book Group

Love, Lies, and FirefliesLove, Lies and Fireflies~Jan Elder 
Didi O'Brien, reeling from the betrayal of her fiance, meets Jake who is also struggling with his past. The young couple fights their way through personal disasters to realize they’re meant to be together.

Ms. Elder’s novel brings plenty of drama and intense suspense.  Love truly conquers all.

Society of the L.A.M.B.~Judy DuCharme
Society of the L.A.M.B.In a futuristic world where the inner man is squelched, all evil prevails. Josiah returns to his grandfather and his faith with a mission to save others.

It is revealed to him through miracles and angels what he is to do to bring those back to his grandfather’s safe house who have lost their way. He meets old friends and discovers new ones, some he can save others who will put their life on the line for him.

Interesting premise with good descriptive writing.

The Stone Giver~Buffy Andrews
An amazing story of a wounded soldier and his nurse and how their lives become intertwined, but they are pulled part.
The Stone Giver

Jack has lost his legs and is at Walter Reed fighting his way back to normalcy. Zara’s brother lost his life and didn’t come back from war. Zara realizes she’s too close to the situation and to Jack. She leaves the hospital, but she gives him a heart shaped stone. Neither of them is aware of the ripple it will cause.

This well written and timely novel is another great offering by Ms. Andrews. I thoroughly enjoyed the unique story and the message it contains.

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