Saturday, July 2, 2016

Answering Sarah - A Captivating Story

Answering Sarah
Nancy Shew Bolton

After a fire destroys their home when she was a girl, Sarah’s family rebuilds their lives, yet the echoes of the fire’s damage remain. Sarah learned to turn inward, and keep her curious mind to herself, asking God all the questions that her own father used to delight in. But the fire silenced her father, and spread the stillness to the rest of them. Yet Sarah longs to express herself, to find answers to all her questions. A new, young pastor arrives, and captivates her heart. The prospect of a challenging and unexpected life dances before her, but then is held out of her reach. And with the new possibilities come questions she’s never asked herself before. Is she ready for the answers?

My Review:  After a devastating fire ravages their home and community, Sarah’s father pulls away from the family and hardly speaks. He’s gone for long periods of time hunting and struggling to provide for his family in turn of the century Wyoming. Due to her families’ situation, young Sarah is left with many questions.

Ten years later, when Sarah is on the edge of womanhood, a young minister come to their church. He’s full of ideas and questions of his own. The two struggle against their romantic feelings and other mounting concerns of the community against the newly built library where Sarah is the librarian. He seeks God’s will and teaches her to do the same.

Ms. Bolton has a pleasant writing style and with her well-hewn skills draws the reader into her characters. The descriptions of the hard life of a farmer in Wyoming and the development of the community atmosphere enhance the story.

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