Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Reading

      Summer  Reading             Reviews of four suggested vacation reads.

Barely Above Water by Gail Pallotta
This well-crafted novel is layered with several interesting facets. The story of the local swim team, Susie and Matt’s evolving love story, and the deviation of Lyme disease.

Not only is it an interesting concept, there is a great deal of information in this novel of which the general audience is not aware. Susie’s health issues have taken over every aspect of her life, and she’s willing to give up a lucrative career to find a cure.

The alternative route she takes requires faith, enduring emotional pain, and seemingly giving up on everything to find an answer. Well done.

Family Lies Deadly Ties by J.A. Marx
Noah is on a mission to right a wrong. Rylee hangs on to the hope of finding the family who abandoned her. 

Rylee’s year as a nanny in Hawaii would be every eighteen year old’s dream, but soon the dream crumbles into a nightmare. Her employer’s estranged son, Noah, finds his way into her life when she attends Aloha Fellowship. Rylee is taken by the dark haired young man with an interesting past; one that will entangle her into a web of deceit and terror.

Mystery, suspense, ill-fated present-day reality – this novel has it all. Well balanced with the developing love of the young couple against the backdrop of a tropical setting. 

Never Tomorrow by Judith Rolfs
Wow – what a fascinating multi-layered suspense. I feared at first I couldn’t keep the variety of characters in this novel sorted out, but the writing is so superb, I had no problem.

The characters were extremely well crafted and the setting of the story intriguing. I could feel the bite of the cold March wind drifting up from the lake and picture the cliffs of Ireland and their deadly drop. The angst in my chest grew at each new development in the story.

Just when I thought I had the plot figured out – I discovered I didn’t. I read the last few chapters quickly because I sensed there would be one more murder before it was all over. Well done, Ms. Rolfs; hope there will be more.

Navy Blues by Julie B. Cosgrove
What girl wouldn’t be swept off her feet by a handsome Navy doctor? But Emma’s careful, she’s had her heart broken once, but is he worth the risk at another romance?

Julie B. Cosgrove warms the heart with this sweet love story. Emma's heartbreak, a plane trip shared with the Navy doctor who switched seats to sit next to her, a rented car, and an injured ankle all work together in this delightful story of love, patience, and hope.


DiAne Gates said...

I've read all four and they are must reads! Now, Ms. Vicki, what am I to read the rest of the summer? I even finished "Twisted" yesterday and am ready to send to my editor. Think I'll grab one of yours!

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thank you DiAne for stopping by. Good luck with Twisted. May your edits be a breeze.