Thursday, June 23, 2016

First Book Of a Promising Series - Dumpster Dicing, A Buncho Biddies Mystery

Award Winning Author Julie B. Cosgrove's Latest Release

As Janie and Betsy Ann go for their morning jog, the city sanitation vehicle follows its normal five-mile Tuesday morning route through their retirement community of Sunset Acres. The two Bunco-playing biddies spot a leg dangling out of the dumpster when the truck lifts the trash container high in the air. Someone diced up one of their newest residents—a grouchy loner named Edwin Newman. Did he unpack too much of his dicey past when he moved in last weekend?

My Review:

Senior citizens, Janie and Betsy Ann, never imagined they’d see a body tumbling out of the dumpster during their morning walk at the retirement village.

Determined to do a little sleuthing to help out Janie’s overworked son in law, Blake, chief detective of their small community, Janie and Betsy enlist the help of the Bunco Biddies.

This novel will make you smile, make you laugh, and shake your head at the antics of the senior set and their ability to solve the mystery just steps ahead of the police department. 

What other reviewer's are saying:

A well written and executed story. I love reading the first in a series, and discovering I want more. In this case, I want more. "Sharon McGregor"

"Delightful book, full of humorous situations."  Marsha Irene

"Looking forward to more of the mysteries with the Bunco Biddies."  Janice Sisemore

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