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Prism Book Group's Christmas Novellas for 2015

Prism Book Group is offering six amazing Christmas Novellas. Get your favorite cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate, a plate of cookies and enjoy a winter afternoon.

Backwards Christmas/Brooke Williams
Every year South Pole, Alaska, celebrates a backwards Christmas. From upside down trees to mistletoe on the ground to presents brought to Santa, everything is the opposite of how the rest of the world spends the holiday. Noelle Richards is a tour guide and every year, Chris Furst, her one-time boyfriend silently takes the tours.

His father started the backwards Christmas and played Santa himself taking the presents to the children in surrounding villages. Chris’ parents died on such a trip, and Chris walked away from the celebration and all it meant, but he couldn’t walk away from the memory of loving Noelle.

Ms. Williams has written a warm Christmas tale involving believable characters set in a magical setting. Even with all the trappings and sparkle of the season, the true meaning of the holiday shines through.

All’s Fair in Love and Arson/Sharon McGregor
Bella takes to the bus to return to St. Christopher during the Christmas season. Izzie, her mother, has broken her leg, and while she’s being doted on by her friend Barton, Bella will run Izzie’s shop.

Two things Bella didn’t expect when she came home was taking her mother’s place in the annual Christmas Production and running into her high school flame, Jake, from twelve years ago. While Jake wants to make amends and tell Bella what really happened when Bella caught him kissing another girl, Bella tries to avoid him.

As several subplots unfold, the most disturbing is who is setting all the seemingly unrelated fires in town. Relationships are mended and old friendships rekindled, and Bella begins to think St. Christopher might just be calling her home.

Delightful read. A little mystery, a little suspense, and plenty of romance make this Christmas Novella a must.

Love Again/Paula Mowery
 Due to a tragic traffic accident Ben Jacobsen is brought home from military service to his children wondering how he will survive without his wife.

After telling her overbearing boyfriend it is over, Jenna Campbell moves to Myrtle Beach to take a position as a children’s minister.

When Ben brings his children to church and his young daughter to pre-school, he’s attracted to Jenna. Both their lives are wrought with complicated circumstances leaving them to wonder if they can love again.

Ms. Mowery has a wonderful way of weaving interesting characters into the normal situations of life. The story is warm and a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Christmas Bells/Jewell Tweedt
Christmas has come to the frontier town of Omaha in this delightful novella. Connie the owner of Rose’s Café, now a widow with a small boy has decided to take some time from her busy schedule running two restaurants to attend her friend’s birthday.

James, the only doctor in town attends the party, too. The couple enjoys each other’s company and both begin to realize they’ve put their personal lives on hold for far too long.

A sinister plot from the town banker, a baby born on a cold Christmas eve night, and a visit from a mysterious stranger all make this novella a perfect Christmas read. 

A Medieval Christmas/Rachel A. James
Lady Nola has made a mistake that will cost her family much shame. When her mother finds out Lady Nola is pregnant, her parents decide she’ll be wed immediately.

Fleeing her home, Lady Nola finds herself on the streets of Medieval London. With her jewels she’s taken to pay her passage, lost, Lady Nola sings carols with a group to earn her way.

The troupe is asked to perform for the twelve nights of festival in a smaller town. The very man her mother wanted her to marry is the Lord of the castle.

When he finds out her secret, Lady Nola runs from him, too. Will the love they both feel be acknowledged by the other?

This is an interesting tale told by Ms. James. The information she gives about the medieval history kept this reader drawn in and the book not put down until it was finished.

Fragile Blessings/Susan M. Baganz
Leaving a wealthy family, Grant builds his home in western Wisconsin in the 1800s. He and his wife Lily have lost their first born. She is overcome with grief, and he doesn’t know how to help.

A neighboring farm is destroyed by fire leaving three small children orphaned, the youngest a tiny baby. When the need for a home for them is mentioned at church, Grant feels moved to volunteer and he does without asking Lily.

With their new Grandpapa reading the Christmas story, the three orphans just might mend Lily and Grant’s broken hearts.

Ms. Baganz has given us a wonderful story set in the early founding of our country bringing to the reader the warmth and glory of Christmas love.

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