Monday, October 5, 2015

Border Danger~Alice Wootson

Border Danger by Alice Wootson

Religion is an important part of Nita Johnson’s life. Whenever confronted with a difficult or unsure situation, she seeks God’s direction and guidance. When Nita finds herself attracted to the agent training her, she questions if he is the one for her...after all, not only is he known as “The Resident Torturer” by his trainees, but his relationship with God isn’t on friendly terms.

A traumatic event forced Agent Craig Sawyer to give up God. Having experienced the depp sting of loss, he vows never to develop a close bond with anybody ever again. He battles his desire to pursue a relationship with Nita, but loses the fight. When her life is in danger, will he turn back to God?

My Review:  Nita Johnson is training to become an agent with the Border Patrol. A new trainer, Craig Sawyer, comes and in he’s especially hard on the recruits. When Nita takes him down in an exercise, they both feel magic spark between them.
Nita hopes Craig is in God’s plan for her, but there’s nothing they can do until she’s through probation. She sees him occasionally when he’s assigned to her region, and she tries hard to avoid his magnetic pull.

Once she’s a full-fledged agent, to her surprise they’re assigned on a project together. They patrol a suspected entryway from the Mexican border for illegals. When one of them is caught, Nita notices a peculiar accent which opens up a more dangerous assignment for the two agents. Nita’s pesky neighbor, Bonnie, asks too many questions until Nita and Craig wonder if she’s also part of the problem.

Nita’s faith keeps her strong and when her life is in danger, Craig calls out to the God he’s forgotten.
Ms. Wootson brings a well written suspense novel with an unusual subject. The sights, scenes, and sounds of Mexico and the border area crossing are brought to life with her well defined prose.

About the Author:  Alice Greenhowe Wootson grew up in Rankin, a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters’ Degree in Education from Cheyney University. She earned a Reading Specialist Certification and Principal Certification as well. 

Alice Wootson is an award-winning author of eleven novels and an award-winning poet who is a member of The Philadelphia Writers Conference, Romance Writers of America, The Authors Guild and the Mad Poets Society.

She spent several winters in Brownsville, Texas and was fascinated at how close it is to the Mexican border and how easy it is to travel back and forth. She decided to use the area as a setting for a novel. ‘Border Love’ her eleventh novel, is the result. ‘Border Danger’ followed.

Alice is very active. She walks for exercise every day and says it helps her collect her thoughts. She presents writing workshops, meets with book clubs and group of readers and is a member of several ministries at her church: Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church in Philadelphia. She loves to travel and usually spends the winter in Florida where she is involved in a local church ministry.

When Alice Wootson is not writing her next novel or spending time with family, she’s caught up in reading.


Carlene Havel said...

"Border Danger" sounds like another winner from Alice Wootson! Congratulations.

The Prude said...

Great summary of the book! And I enjoyed 'Border Danger' too. It was fun getting to know more about you, Alice!