Monday, October 19, 2015

A Lady for the Lawman ~ Jewell Tweedt

A Lady for the Lawman by Jewell Tweedt 

On special assignment from the White House to the Nebraska prairie... 

Crack undercover Pinkerton agent Jason Reynolds gets the toughest assignment of his career. Sent by President U.S. Grant to Omaha to capture a loco ex-soldier accused of stealing Jefferson Davis' treasury gold, Jason falls for feisty shopkeeper Arianna Quincy. Trouble is, she's not interested. When the lunatic grabs Arianna, Jason's skills are put to the test. Can Jason get his man and his woman?

My Review:  Arianna Quincy’s first impression of Jason Reynolds doesn’t leave her happy – he almost gets her killed. The new deputy in town foils a holdup at the mercantile just as Arianna is about to ask for a job.

Billy, Arianna’s cousin, puts in a good word with Claire Secord Maxwell, owner of the store while Arianna tries to convince her father she’s ready to step out on her own. When Jason, who is really a Pinkerton Agent on a mission from President Grant, falls for Arianna, she makes it clear she isn’t interested.

When Tom, Claire’s husband is also asked to help out President Grant, her ex-fiancé shows up and wants Claire back. Arianna is taken as a bargaining chip and Jason saves the day. When Arianna finds out his secret employment, she doesn’t even thank him and he leaves. Can he come back and settle down in Omaha or will he always be looking for adventure on another case?
I enjoyed the second installment of this enjoyable series. The believable story gives the reader a touch of what Omaha must have been like when first settled. Ms. Tweedt has obviously done her historical research to bring this frontier romance to life in her novel.
About the Author:   Jewell Tweedt was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, the setting for A Bride for the Sheriff and the other Nebraska Brides books. She lives in western Iowa and divides her time between teaching middle school students and writing. In her spare time she reads, gardens and walks while plotting out new stories.  Readers can learn more about Jewell and her books at


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Thanks for putting my book on your blog today.

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I love this era of history and look forward to reading Jewell's story! Thank you for sharing about it, Victoria. (Love your books, too!)

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