Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Roped ~ Diane N. Gates

DiAne N. Gates - Roped

Thirteen-year-old Crissy Crosby chases a dream to live up to her parents’ rodeo legacy. But the rodeo championship is two months away and problems beyond her ability to solve stack and teeter like a game of Tumbling-Towers. Meanwhile rival Jodie Lea and her father, Ed Fairgate, contrive to swipe the silver buckles from Crissy’s grasp any way they can.

Prejudice, anger, and dark secrets simmer in a pot of family feuds destined to boil over in a tragic nightmare at the rodeo. Will Crissy develop courage and faith to overcome the consequences of her temper? Will her dreams of buckles and titles become reality? Or will the character-building adversities of her life quash her dreams forever?

 My Review:  If you love cowboys, rodeos, and heroes this is the book for you. Actually it’s about a heroine, and little Crissy Crosby is quite the girl. She’s out to win the silver buckle, and it seems like the world is against her led by the Fairgate family and Crissy’s long time competitor and pain in the neck, Jodie Lea.

Try as she might it seems everything goes wrong for Crissy and her family including the weather, but her biggest enemy is her temper. At school, she befriends a Chinese immigrant, Chun, and Jodie is out for him, too.

Jodie Lea and her father try everything to keep Crissy and Chun out of the rodeo and when their attempts fail things get even more dangerous. As they deal with temperamental horses and Brahma bulls with minds of their own, a more menacing plot unfolds. Everyone is in danger including Jodie Lea herself. When the rodeo is over, Crissy learns from her grandfather her most important goal is forgiveness.

I thoroughly enjoyed this enchanting YA. I was fighting for Crissy all the way and cheered her on while she competed. The excitement and thrill of the rodeo develops beautifully in this story. The well-formed and thought out characters made them believable. Well done, Ms. Gates.

Meet the author:  Texas writer, DiAne Gates, illustrates and writes fiction for children, YA, and serious non-fiction for the folks. Her passion is calling the Church’s attention to how far we’ve catapulted from God’s order as evidenced by her blogMoving the Ancient Boundaries, 

Under contract with Prism Book Group for her YA novel Roped, DiAne reported and worked as a photographer for the East Texas Youth Rodeo Association. She had the opportunity to be in the rodeo arena, feel the sting of Texasturf in her face and across her camera lens, which gave birth to this western rodeo adventure and it’s sequel Twisted.

DiAne leads two edit groups for North Texas Christian Writers, LifeSavers for adults, and PageMasters for teens. She is a GriefShare facilitator, an international support ministry for those who’ve lost loved ones. 

Wife, mother, and grandmother, her passion to share those hard life lessons God has taught her will hopefully leap from the page into your heart.


Heather Lindsey said...

Lovely blog post. Roped is definitely going on my TBR list. Lindsey.

Renee Blare said...

Nice post! It looks like a great book. :)

Gay Lewis said...

I enjoyed the book. DiAne knows about rodeos and competitions. I found the story fascinating and look forward to more from this author. To be honest, i didn't think I'd like to read about teenagers and rodeos, but I was wrong. Thanks DiAne! Good read. Keep 'em coming.