Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Firefly Life ~ Linda Shew Wolf

A Firefly Life 

It’s 1968 and Melanie is turning thirteen. It seems like everyone is growing up faster than she is, but that doesn’t stop her from being an incurable romantic. When a gorgeous new boy shows up in her boring, small town, she’ll do anything to be noticed by him.
When an unexpected sequence of events lands her the job of trusted babysitter for his unusual little sister, Melanie is thrilled to be admitted to his inner circle. But then she has to figure out what really matters—a chance to be around him or staying true to her family and her best friend.
Read this dramatic coming-of-age story and be immersed in a time of turmoil and change in the heart of one memorable young girl.

My Review:  Passing from childhood into her teenaged years wasn’t easy for Melanie Bell, In 1968 everyone around her was growing up, while she seemed to remain a child. Unfortunately with both parents working and her mom attending school, she was saddled with the responsibility of her younger siblings.
On one of the last days before school, she meets Jonathan at the community pool. He’s new and has an autistic sister. He’s also adorable and Melanie falls hard for him. Unfortunately, Jonathan has his own problems. Melanie accepts a babysitting position for his sister so she can be closer to Jonathan, but then he asks her to lie for him.
The lying becomes easier and easier until they both find themselves in a great deal of trouble. She falls from his esteem and that of The Gang into a miserable life alone. With the help of her Grandmother and other confident adults in her life, Melanie realizes to grow up responsibly she must make changes. She forgives Jonathan, but wants to remain his friend and she isn’t sure both can happen.

Ms. Shew gives the reader an excellent glimpse of what happens to a young woman putting her trust in the wrong place and how easily all can go wrong. I think this would be an excellent book for a Bible Study or YA Book Group that young teen girls might attend. 

About the Author:  Linda Shew Wolf grew up in Ithaca, New York. She graduated from Cornell University and went on to play saxophone in an R&B band in Chicago, where she met her husband, Bobby, a fellow musician. After raising two children, they both returned to performing, and she also rekindled her lifelong passion for writing fiction. She now works as a curriculum consultant for elementary and middle school students in Chicago, sharing her love of writing and music with young people of all ages.

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