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Sarah and a Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island

I'm happy to have Gay N. Lewis with me today and she's brought along Sarah for an interview.

An Interview with Sarah

A movie producer, Glen Duncan, employed by Heavenly Episodes contacted Gay N. Lewis for an interview with Sarah. Gay made the arrangements and then recorded the dialogue.

Glen:  How did you get selected for service on Earth?

Sarah: “The Commander receives his instructions from the Almighty and he chose me to ignite romance between couples. I was totally surprised.”

Glen: “Why?”

Sarah: “I’m insignificant and have too much to learn. There are many angels in The Heavenlies who could do my job more efficiently.”

Glen:  “You have a lot of adventures when you are here on a job. In this latest one, Sarah and a Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island, what did you fear most?”

Sarah: “The Ocean. I’ve never tried swimming. I didn’t know what would happen if my wings got soggy. And of course I’m always worried about getting lost.”

Glen:  “Who did you help on this mission?”

Sarah:  “Carolyn Baker, a college student who works in a mall.  Her dad had recently died, and she was grieving. Two men introduced themselves to her on board, and I had to discover which one was the right man for her.”

Glen:  “You’ve done that before. What made this mission different?”

Sarah:  “I had a wicked spirit who wanted to thwart my efforts. I’d never tangled with an evil one before, so that complicated matters.”

Glen:  “That sounds scary.”

Sarah:  “It was. Talen tricked me into going to Cloud Nine. Tomas, the Warrior Angel, rescued me from Talen’s clutches. If you’d been on Earth, you’d have seen an incredible lightening display taking place in The Heavenlies as the two clashed their swords.”

Glen:  “I wish I’d seen it. Did you have any goof ups this trip?”

Sarah:  “Oh my yes. Disguises are difficult for me. Carolyn and Nick toured Catalina Island, and I went with them in female form. People thought I resembled Dolly Parton, and I heard one woman tell another that I must have paid a fortune for my Botox. I guess she was talking about the brand of jeans I wore.”

Glen:  “Anything else?”

Sarah:  “I accidentally bopped into a hotel room and awoke a man and woman. I said that I was a therapist who made love connections. They told me they didn’t need any help and to leave immediately. I scared them when I disappeared.”

Glen:  “You mentioned Nick. I assume he was one of the suitors. Who was the other one?”

Sarah:  “Ash Sullivan. He and Nick were handsome and charming, and each of them tried to sweet-talk his way into Carolyn’s life.”

Glen:  “Which guy was the most romantic?”

Sarah:  “They were equal in that area. Carolyn had never had a boyfriend, so when two men vied for her attention at the same time, she didn’t know what to do.”

Glen:  “Are you going to tell me which guy won the hand of the fair maiden?”

Sarah:  “Nope. You have to read the book. Gay N. Lewis would not be pleased if I told you everything.”

My Review

The clumsy little goofball angel, Sarah, is visiting earth again! This time her mission is to help select a mate her charge, Carolyn, on a cruise ship! Oh no. Sarah can barely find her way around on terra firma.

Sarah bumbles her instructions and finds herself in a battle of wits with a minion from the evil world. While Carolyn has two suitors, Nick and Ash, Sarah guides Carolyn toward the right one, but not without interference from the minion.

Once Carolyn has decided on “Mr. Right”, she is going to meet him on the deck at midnight the last night of the cruise, but something goes wrong and Sarah has to call for reinforcements to thwart off evil.

As with the other Sarah books, Ms. Lewis makes his little character lovable and adored. All of her books have an inspirational message, but this one delves deeper into the battles fought with the darker side. Nice job – I loved the cruise aspect and it looks like Sarah will be back.   

All About Gay

A native Texan, Gay lives in Fulshear—a small town west of Houston. Gay has always been involved with creative and artistic ventures.  Two videos she produced—The Canadian Rockies, English and Japanese translations, and Psalms from the Mountains, were sold in Canada, America, Great Britain, as well as all international markets. Both were well received.  For the San Felipe Baptist Association, she was a contributor for the video Many Churches, One Vision.

Graphic skills kept her busy as a portrait photographer, and for over ten years, she used her imaginative insight in the interior design field. 

Gay’s real love is writing and reading—both go nicely together.  As a pastor’s wife, she has written, produced, and photographed many programs, and her Faith Features have been published in various church periodicals. Her current series is about a dyslexic angel who comes to earth to help the humans, but she is more like Lucy Ricardo with humorous antics and bumbles. The books are available in print, eBook, and audio. She’s under contract for three more Sarah books to go with the available seven, with the latest addition to hit the market on June 12, 2015

Teaching an adult Bible study every Sunday morning is Gay’s joy, and she is often called upon for speaking engagements.  When needed, she plays the piano and serves as worship leader in her husband’s church in Rosenberg. 
Gay’s family reside in Texas—three daughters and four grandchildren.

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Thanks Vicki! I love your review and it describes the book perfectly. Thanks for reading and sharing.

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