Monday, April 27, 2015

Year of Jubilee ~ Peggy Trotter

Orphaned and widowed, eighteen-year-old Jubilee Stallings clings to her southern Indiana farm as her only refuge. The wilds of Gibson County are just being tamed in the year of 1850, and Jubilee ekes a meager existence. But when Rafe Tanner, a cousin of her abusive dead husband, shows up with the deed to her property, Jubilee’s dream of her own home dissolves.

Rafe, stinging from his ex-fiancée’s rejection, offers a business marriage, throwing him and Jubilee together in an effort to make the farm successful. But scars from the past keep her in constant fear of her new husband. The pair masquerades as a love-struck couple at Rafe’s family farm, enduring the romantic notions of his family, and the jealousy of his ex-fiancée.

Once home, Rafe realizes his new found love for Jubilee, and sets out to court her. Meanwhile, Jubilee fights demons from her past as her husband reveals his interest. Can Jubilee let go of her distrust and pain to embrace God’s plan of true love and finally find a place to belong?

My Review:  When Jubilee’s abusive husband Colvin disappears, she’s left on her own to survive with little food and her resources are dwindling. In the 1800’s she’s a woman with no one to turn to and nowhere to go.
Rafe, who is Colvin’s cousin, shows up to claim the farm and tells Jubilee of her husband’s death. She runs to her favorite tree to hide. Rafe doesn’t know what to make of the woman who is so afraid of him. When he learns of her circumstances, he can’t turn her out, and he decides they should marry for appearances and run the farm as a business partnership.
When they visit his large family and cross paths with Rafe’s former girlfriend, Rosemary, Jubilee’s life and hope begins to unravel.
Ms. Trotter has written a delightful novel with interesting characters and situations. The unusual relationship between Jubilee and Rafe creates a thought provoking backdrop establishing their trust in God against what may seem as insurmountable odds.

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