Friday, April 17, 2015

Acres of Dreams ~ Sharon McGregor

Nineteen-year-old Katy is sent  to Canada by her family in the late 1890's to find a suitable husband. Katy has other plans, however - she wants a career, not marriage.
During the round of social activities arranged by her sister, she is drawn against her will towards her distant cousin Robert, who loves Katy on sight. She has also attracted the attention of her brother-in-law's boss, Martin, who doesn't take rejection easily, evens the score by destroying Katy's reputation.

Facing a return home in disgrace, Katy tries another way out. She accepts the offer of marriage from Robert, who is on his way west to set up a homestead on the prairies.

Katy is not prepared for the loneliness and hardships she is about to face. She has a difficult journey ahead, learning to become a woman and a wife and discovering how to love.

My Review:  Katy Anne arrives from Ireland to the Toronto, home of her sister, Maggie, in 1899. Katy knows she’s been sent by her parents to find a suitable husband, but she has bigger dreams. She wants a career before she settles down.

Due to an unfortunate incident, Katy’s reputation is unjustly ruined, but her cousin, Robert, comes to her rescue. Katy feels her only choice is to go home and humiliate her parents or to agree to Robert’s marriage proposal.

They find themselves in new and unsettled land and Katy comes to realize that her misfortune turns into what she’d always dreamed for.

Ms. McGregor tells a beautiful story painted against the Canadian wilderness. Her character development and writing skills holds the reader’s interest well beyond the last page. I enjoyed Acres of Dreams along with Autumn Dreams which introduces Katy’s sister, Maggie. I’m looking forward to more stories in this series.


Carlene Havel said...

Sounds intriguing - and wow, what a beautiful cover!

Gay Lewis said...

I agree with Carlene. I love Canadian stories, and the cover is compelling.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Interesting book--congrats, Sharon!

Heather Lindsey said...

Great story. Inspiring characters and interesting setting . Lindsey paley.

Sharon McGregor said...

Thanks, Carlene, Gay, Lynn and Lindsey. I'm excited about this release and also about another Timber Dreams novella , Fiona's Knight of Dreams coming soon. Credit for the cover of course, goes to Joan.