Thursday, January 29, 2015

Susan Richardson Hiley ~ The Diary Spelled Death

I couldn't be happier today than to have my very own cousin, Susan Richardson Hiley, on my blog.

She is a native Californian but now living in the other sunny state - Florida. She loves her large extended family and all her fur babies. She's also a wife with an administrative career.

This is her very first book and it is wonderful. She's quite the writer - the mystery suspense part keeps you turning pages right until the end and the romance is ahhhh. Delicious!

The Diary Spelled Death was on Amazon's Cozy Mystery best seller list the very first day it was published and well deserved. So Set A Spell - and read this delightful novel by a first time, but very accomplished author.

This is book one in the Set A Spell series - so there's more to come!

Blurb:  Single mom and bookstore proprietor Clara Ferrante was living a quiet life in Morro Bay, CA. A box of books left on the shop's doorstep puts her on the trail of a 50 year old murder and...a new romance? It isn't long before Clara's family and her best friend, Maggie, become entangled in the intrigue. Only when her five-year-old son Danny is threatened, Clara takes action, enlisting the aid of handsome Private Investigator/Security Consultant (and would-be suitor), Sam Cullen.

What the reviewers are saying:  "Really good read; well plotted, good characters, etc." f schaad

"If you're a fan of mystery books, interesting characters, and an engaging plot that both keeps you guessing and keeps you reading, you will not be disappointed with this book. It's hard to believe that this is the author's first work but I eagerly look forward to her next book!" Nittany Mel

My Review:  Clara Ferrante who runs a small used bookstore and bakery along with her friend, Maggie, finds a diary in a box of old books left at the side entrance of the shop. The contents the journal opens up at fifty-year-old cold case.

In the close knit coastal town of Morro Bay, California, Clara’s friends are like family and her family owns and operates the businesses close to the bookstore. Friends come and go from her shop but when her brother brings in Sam Cullen, he recognizes Clara from the day her sister left her infant son in Clara’s care.

Danny is now five years old and Clara’s interest in finding the murder suspect hinted to in the diary puts her son’s life in danger. Sam, an ex-cop agrees to help her, but with the murder of an employee, their plan starts to unravel.

Ms. Hiley’s enchanting words paint a striking picture of Morro Bay, California. The sights, the sounds, and the smells she writes about evoke a memory in this reader of many summers spent in that very place. Her writing skills are captivating and the book was read in one sitting. I can’t express the thrill in enjoying Ms. Hiley’s first publication. Remarkable comes to mind, but somehow doesn’t cover it. Anxious for the next book.

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Heather Lindsey said...

Sounds like a fabulous story. Good luck Susan.