Thursday, January 8, 2015

Never too late to share a little Christmas ~ The Christmas Journal by Kimberly B. Jackson

Ashley Moore’s life forever changed the day her mother died, and she was sent to live with relatives. Now, ten years later, Ashley returns home, hoping to connect with her estranged father. When she learns he’s decided to reopen the family’s Christmas lodge for the upcoming holiday season, Ashley volunteers to help. While cleaning, she discovers her mother’s journal detailing the last month of her life. Will the book hold the answer as to why her dad sent her away? Who is the mysterious Adam her mother keeps mentioning in the diary? Can the words of her mother reconcile father and daughter in time for Christmas? 

My Review:  The Christmas Journal is a poignant look into the complicated lives of a long estranged father and daughter. Upon her mother’s death Ashley was sent away to live with an aunt, but when she returns ten years later she finds the father she scarcely knows, and their home and the lodge the family used to operate in shambles.
Ashley works alongside her father and the handyman, Cy, to reopen the lodge in time for Christmas. Her father hasn’t touched any of her mother’s belongings and Ashley asks him if she would be allowed to go through her mother’s things. She finds a journal and a lavender hat box and their contents turn her life upside down.
Ms. Jackson’s finely honed novella filled with the turmoil of unexplained secrets set against the backdrop of a mountain lodge is well-developed while layered with a touching back story. The characters piece together their strengths and weaknesses to bring joy and hope into their lives which touches the heart of the reader. The Christmas Journal is a wonderful Christmas story.

About the Author:  Kimberly first started to write to encourage her little boy to read. After including his favorite stuffed animal in four short children's stories, she decided to tackle her life long dream of writing Christian fiction. After placing second in a writing contest, her career of being a published author became a reality. She has been blessed to be married for over two decades to her husband, Jim and they have one son, Cole.  She resides in a small town, outside of Birmingham, Alabama and attends a local Baptist Church. Kimberly likes to write books that inspire and uplift people.  You can contact her at


Mary L. Ball said...

It sounds like a great book! Kimberly B. Jackson is a great author.

eFictionFinds said...

I loved this book, just as I have all of Kim's! She has a gift for plucking at my heartstrings.

Kimberly B Jackson said...

Thanks Victoria,for featuring The Christmas Journal on your blog. I hope everyone enjoys the book and has a blessed New Year. Kimberly.