Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers

I would like to thank Sharon McGregor for inviting me to join Sisterhood of The World Bloggers. It looks like a fun gig.

First, before I get started, here are the rules…

The Rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Put the award logo on your blog.
3. Answer the 10 questions they’ve sent you.
4. Make up 10 new questions for your nominees to answer.

1. If you could go back in your life and change one decision you made, what would it be?

 Not finishing college.

2. What is the most intriguing book you have ever read?


3. If you could pick one word to describe yourself or your significant other what would it be?

My significant other – a man of principles.

4. If you could time travel, what period of history would you choose and why?

Victorian England. I love the time period, the castles, cottages and of course – tea!

5. Did you have a role model growing up and if so, what effect did he/she have on your life?

Not so much growing up, but growing up as a writer. My mentor teacher taught me so much and changed my life significantly.

6. If you could plan a dream vacation, one that may seem out of reach, where would you go?

Cayman Islands.

7. If you could choose any profession to follow, what would it be?


8. Pick a card, any card-greeting card that is. What is your favourite holiday?


9. What is your favourite pet? Dog or cat? Gerbil or snake? Horse or hamster? Or none at all?

If you’d asked me eighteen months ago, I would have said dog. Then we got a cat…..

10. What one thing would you like to see happen in 2015?

Less violence everywhere in the world.

In my turn I nominate Carrie Padgett, Gay Lewis, Kim McMahill, Sheryl Browne, Bess McBride, Julie B. Cosgrove, Lee Carver, Lindsey Paley, Danielle Rotharmel, and Lynn Lovegreen

Here are my ten questions for the nominees-

1. What’s your happiest holiday memory?

2. Who was your favorite grade school teacher?

3. If life had taken you down a different path, what would you be doing now?

4. What place in the world would you like to visit?

5. What’s your favorite dessert?

6. If you were told you only had one day to live, how would you spend it?

7. Which do you like to do best: a movie rental and a bowl of popcorn, a good book and a cup of hot chocolate, or a day at the beach ending with watching the sunset?

8. What’s your favorite electronic gadget?

9. How will you (or how did you) spend New Year’s Eve?

10. Pets – cats, dogs, fish? What do you have?

Thanks for participating. Have a wonderful 2015!!


Heather Lindsey said...

Great blog Vicki. I love the fact that you love Victorian England. We have lots of castles here in Northumberland including where they filmed Harry Potter as well as cute and quaint cottages. And a monument to Earl Grey of the tea fame! Lindsey

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Fun blog, Victoria. Now I'll have to work on my response. :-)

Gay Lewis said...

Thanks for including me in the "Sisterhood of the World Bloggers." What fun! I'm looking forward to thinking of my responses. I find it interesting that you would want to choose law. As I think about it, writers are analytical people, so I'm sure you would do well in law, but we are glad you are a writer instead!

Sharon McGregor said...

Love your answer to the pet question. Cats are so sneaky. They just creep into your heart.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks everyone for responding. I'm looking forward to your blogs and your answers!