Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Bride for the Sheriff by Jewell Tweedt

Join me today for a visit from Jewell Tweedt - she loves Faith, Hope, and Western Romance!

My Review:  The story set in the western frontier town of Omaha, Nebraska, gives the reader a charming glance of yesteryear. Ms. Tweedt writes of warm, giving characters and the reader has the feel of the new, raw west.

The novel is interwoven with interesting tidbits of history both of the settling of Nebraska and the battles of the Civil War. Through an unfortunate set of circumstances, school teacher, Claire Secord finds herself operating a mercantile in Omaha. She is a courageous woman for her times as is her friend, Connie Rose, who owns the café.

Rose warns Claire of the dangers of living in the west as does the Sheriff Tom Maxwell. Too many men don’t like women running a business and Claire finds this out all too soon. From the banker to those passing through town wanting to steal from her, she stands up to them winning Tom’s love, but when an old beau, one she thought had died during the war shows up, Claire’s life is shaken. The story has a remarkable ending that will leave the reader anxiously waiting for a sequel. 

About the Author:  Jewell Tweedt was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, the setting for A Bride for the Sheriff and the other Nebraska Brides books. She lives in western Iowa and divides her time between teaching middle school students and writing. In her spare time she reads, gardens and walks while plotting out new stories.  Readers can learn more about Jewell and her books at

And the reviewers said:  "The historical background woven into her story bring the reader in line with the happenings of the period and makes one better understand the hardships, the trials ;and tribulations and the tragedies of the times. The reader falls in love with aspects of each character and wants to pull them through to the very last page." Sue

"What a wonderful book! It captures your attention at the very beginning and holds it until the very last page." Lori


Jewell Tweedt said...

Thanks for hosting me today. I will check back to answer any questions.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks, Jewell. The ending to the book certainly is leaving me with anticipation of another one!

Jewell Tweedt said...

The story continues in A Lady for the Lawman due out in the spring of 2015.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Sounds great, Jewell. I love fiction woven with history. What's your favorite source for research?

Jewell Tweedt said...

Because I teach American History I have an entire bookcase of textbooks that I use to confirm facts.