Thursday, October 30, 2014

Welcome Back Sharon McGregor

Sharon McGregor is a Canadian author who has recently transplanted to the west coast. She has written humor, romance and mystery for magazines such as Sasee, Long and Short Romance, Great Mystery and Suspense Magazine and Horizon as well as stories for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. When not fighting with her cat Zoey for control of the computer keyboard, she is working at her ice cream shop or her bath and body shop.

Here's an excerpt from Sharon's latest book:  Autumn Dreams: 

Maggie Lawrence pushed a curling tendril of dark brown hair from her face. She looked around the empty train platform, considering her next move. The train was strangely on time, a possibility her greeter might not have considered. 

She picked up a suitcase in each hand and sat down on a bench facing the tracks. The day was warm and sunny with a slight breeze to keep things comfortable, a typical late August morning in a 1949 prairie town. 

She had nearly dozed off in the sunshine when she heard a deep voice beside her.

“Miss Lawrence?”

She jumped up quickly, knocking one suitcase on its side as she did. “Yes.” It was then she looked up into a set of piercing blue eyes surrounded by a well-tanned face that was set, maybe not in disapproval, but certainly not in welcome.

Maggie had just barely arrived and already she was on the wrong foot. I wonder what I’ve done now? It was a question she often asked her older sister, Dora, who was usually quick to set her straight on her transgressions.

“Sorry I’m late. I had a stop to make at the hardware store first.” At least she knew where she ranked in priority.

“Is this all?”She nodded and he picked up the biggest case. She followed quickly with the smaller one.

“Mr. Thornhill...” she began.

“Matthews, actually,” he said. “I’m just standing in.” 

She waited for an explanation that never came. Oh, well. She gave a shrug. At least once she got there she wouldn’t have to cope with him. She hoped the Thornhills were more communicative.  Copyright 2014 © Sharon McGregor 

My Review:

            Maggie Lawrence is the new school teacher, but when she is picked up by a Mr. Matthews at the station, Maggie meets with his disapproval.
            She arrives at her new home and meets a very pregnant Ellen and Ray, her husband, and their delightful daughter, Emma. Maggie also learns Mr. Matthews is Ellen’s brother who is helping out at the farm since Ray broke his leg. Once school starts, Emma is Maggie’s co-conspirator helping her learn who the children are and making sure the twins in class can’t fool Maggie.
            Maggie can’t figure out why Marshall Matthews dislikes her. She finally asks Ellen and discovers he had dated the former school teacher. A box decorated by Emma and her mother for a box social brings Marshall and Maggie together on their first date. Maggie thought the box belonged to Ellen.
            The couple fall in love, but Stella, the former teacher, arrives in town. Marshall doesn’t come to the farm as often and Maggie thinks the worse. When Ellen’s baby is born and the phones are out and the streets flooded, Maggie must overcome her fear of horses to get the midwife. When Emma disappears shortly after the baby’s birth, Maggie swallows her pride and calls for Marshall’s help.
            Will Emma be found? Will Maggie learn her fate and Marshall’s when she finds out where he’s been.

            Sharon McGregor gives us a delightful glimpse into a 1949 post-war prairie town where there are still horses and wagons and box social dinners. The warmly written and well woven story is a wonderful way to spend an autumn afternoon.


Sharon McGregor said...

Thanks so much Vicki for having me over to visit.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

You're welcome, Sharon.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Sounds like a great story, Sharon!

Lisa Lickel said...

Looking forward to reading this one, Sharon!