Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sparks Fly by Daisy Jerico

My Review:  I had a smile on my lips the entire time I read this story. While the novella deals with a very serious subject, the tension between the two main characters and the subject of arson is handled so well that it doesn’t override the charming love story.
            When the story begins, Carlisle, who is an aspiring chef and planning on winning the next cooking contest to fund her cooking school expenses, starts the shed on fire with her pit barbeque. A couple of hunky firemen show up and Kelly, Carlisle’s best friend, is smitten. Carlisle would be, too, but she and Fire Chief Chet just don’t see eye to eye.

            With fires popping up all over town and Chet busy trying to find the culprit, he has little time for Carlisle who he thinks is ornery and annoying. But when he realizes the arsonist is not only after him but his friends and family and Carlisle is only trying to help, he does everything in his power to save her.

            The well rounded characters and wonderful ending make this a great summer read. 

What the reviewers are saying:  "Sometimes I want a good, short, read, and this one did the trick. I tried to guess all the way through who the arsonist might be.. I read a lot of suspense and usually have a suspect in mind. Not so with this book. The romance between Carlisle and Chet, as well as Mike and Kelly was wholesome and cute. I loved the sixty-something Violet and her boyfriend with the bat. You can't go wrong with this one." ~ Lewis

"Daisy Jerico's lovely touch of humour adds to an already intriguing romance featuring suspense, mystery and of course a couple of hot firemen. With Ms. Jerico's obvious love of food and cooking, I'll bet BBQs at her place are a treat, as long as she doesn't burn down her shed as Carlisle did. This is definitely a read in one sitting book as you won't be able to put it down until you finish." Sharon McGregor

More about Daisy:  Daisy Jerico lives in a small Wisconsin town with her three dogs and husband of 27 years. When not writing, Daisy teaches science to inquiring minds. Find her online at

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Gay Lewis said...

Thanks for the blog. I loved the book.

Carlene Havel said...

3508"Sparks Fly" sounds like a great read! Thanks for letting us in on this.