Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lindsey Paley and The Wish List Addiction

Today I'm excited to have Lindsey Paley talking about her latest novel, The Wish List Addiction

1. Where did the idea come from for The Wish List Addiction?

Lots of us make lists - some of us, like Rebecca, draw up lots of different lists. They are a safety net for our overloaded memories. In 'The Wish List Addiction' I wanted to explore what would happen if those lists were taken away and Rebecca was forced to live life 'as it comes'. 

When we meet Rebecca, it's when her life is at an all time low. Everything has gone wrong and she is clutching the edge of sanity by her fingernails. Her obsession with list-making has not led to a happier life at all, in fact they were a catalyst for most of her difficulties. So, at the beginning of the story, her friends challenge her to 'ditch the lists' and instead pursue her life in a more random, 'dip in/dip out' choice of activities, without the safety net of her lists. 

So, no lists - the story is about how those golden coins of happiness can be found in the randomness of life, away from the rigid, tightly controlled organisation of her former existence. 

2. It's interesting how we let list making take over our lives. Are you a list maker?

I've always been an avid list maker - I suppose it stems from a desire to be organised and to free up room in my crammed brain. I have all three lists that Rebecca has in the book - a daily 'To Do' list, a mid-term, creatively drawn 'Wish List' and an exhaustively researched 'Bucket List'. I have been fortunate enough to cross off three items from my 'Bucket List' over the last year. In May, I was rendered speechless with awe as I stood in front of the Niagara Falls and I was also an 'extra' in a TV series written by a local crime author - Ann Cleeves. The third was a much dreamed of visit to Versailles in Paris.

3. I was very excited to find out the "The Little Green Book of Wishes" actually does exist. I've just downloaded it and it is full of fabulous ideas. Which came first The Wish List Addiction or The Little Green Book?

Thanks, Vicki, I hope you enjoy reading 'The Little Green Book of Wishes'. 

'The Wish List Addiction' came first although to ensure accuracy the books were written in tandem. I wanted Rebecca and her friends to be able to select from a book full of inspiration - ideas that would not cost too much and that she could share with her son, Max. 

We are consistently advised that happiness lies not in the amassing of monetary gain but in the connections we make and sustain with others. 'The Little Green Book' does not advocate that you draw up a finite list of things to do before you reach a certain age or event and then you can die happy in the knowledge that your dreams have been achieved. far from it - it's too stressful by half The risk is that in the strenuous pursuit of one goal and the satisfaction of striking it from your list to move headlong on to the next, the Wish List Addict becomes oblivious to the fact that real life rushes by alongside - exactly what happened to Rebecca. 

4. When did you first realize you were a writer?

I have been scribbling stories since school, but I wrote my first full length novel twenty years ago. I wrote it in long-hand and It's still in a shoe box on top of my wardrobe. I don't think it will ever see the light of day!

5. I've read some of your other books and you seem to have a keen eye for fashion and design. Do you have an interest in that area?

I love fashion and design. One of my lifelong creative pursuits is dress design and sewing. I once slaved over sewing a full length, off-the-shoulder, black velvet dress with taffeta ruffle and bow at the back (it was in the eighties) only to turn up at the Ball to find another girl in the exact same dress! After the initial shock, we laughed, linked arms and had a fabulous evening!

6. How much time each day to you spend writing or planning out your novels.

I am a planner. I need a 'skeleton' story upon which to drape the creative fabric. I try to write during school hours so I do about six or seven hours.    

7. Since your work spans more than one genre, what's on the horizon for you? Is there anything in the works?

At the insistence of my son, I have written a MG/YA novel - 'Star Jumpers: The Lion Roars' which is Book One in a series. It is the story of a quest which takes place in a world of magic and adventure with dragons and other magical creatures. I have just finished Book Two - 'Star Jumpers: Vengeful Earth' but my next novel will be a contemporary romance which I am currently in the process of researching.

My Review:  Ah… the list maker lives in all of us, shopping lists, Christmas lists, goal lists, and the infamous bucket list and poor Rebecca Matthews has succumbed to it.
            Unfortunately her lists don’t work. Her marriage has caved in along with the roof on the cottage she purchased to mend her relationship with her ex and nonexistent father of her son. Her career has followed the same path due to the bankruptcy she’s endured borrowing money to buy her dream home and keep her father in a nursing facility.
Rebecca feels she has failed in so many ways but what hurts her most is what it is doing to her son, Max. Then something magically happens all brought about by The Little Green Book of Wishes (check it out – it does exist!).
Lindsey Paley is an excellent author who draws the reader into the charms and characteristic warmth of the English country side. Her descriptive words infused this booklover’s mind with vivid details. The heart warming story with a brilliant ending to all of Rebecca’s problems is a recommended read. From checking out Ms Paley’s Facebook posts she’s rather handy in the kitchen and the cottage has an apple orchard and of course an apple pie – which you can almost taste. 

About Lindsey: Lindsey Paley is a Yorkshire girl who now lives in North East England with her husband and young son. When not writing in her peppermint and cream summerhouse (shed), she can be found either up to her elbows in flour baking cakes and biscuits or practicing her swing on the golf course. 

The Wish List Addiction is Lindsey’s third novel.

If you were inspired by Rebecca’s lists, Lindsey would love to hear what’s on your ‘Wish List’ or ‘Bucket List’. Please contact her on her Author Facebook page


Lisa Lickel said...

Thanks for having Lindsey on the show...I enjoy her books and have to crawl out of my cave of work to get this one!

Heather Lindsey said...

Thanks for having me as your guest, Vicki. And thanks to Lisa for her very kind comments. I hope everyone enjoys reading about Rebecca's 'Wish List' obsession. Lindsey

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

You're welcome, Lindsey. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa - I have enjoyed reading Lindsey's books.

Carlene Havel said...

I really enjoyed reading "The Wish List Addiction." It's delightful, and the cover is very pretty also.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Hi Lindsey. I am also a list-keeper. But you're right in saying the most imprint things in life aren't found on lists. Now I have to read the book! :-)

Sharon McGregor said...

Great interview. Lindsey, was the job as an extra in one of Anne Cleeve's "Vera"series? If so, which episode so we can watch for you. We get those shows over here on PBS.

Heather Lindsey said...

Hi Sharon, yes it was Vera. It's the episode with the death of a woman on a train. I'm one of the mums collecting her child from choir practice in the opening scene.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

My bucket list is one of travel. Hawaii and Alaska are definitely at the top.