Monday, June 23, 2014

Sarah and the Internet Dating Service by Gay N. Lewis

Gay N. Lewis has another best seller with Sarah and the Internet Dating Service. The adorable little angel is known as "Miss Goof Up" in the heavenlies - can she get this assignment right?

My Review:  Once again the adorable little angel, Sarah, has been sent to earth to help a couple connect. She is getting better at her attempts as her assignment to bring two co-workers, Karen and Jeremy together unfolds.
            The couple has tried to find a partner in life and with no luck have turned to internet dating. Sarah’s bumbling on the computer not only sends a humorous message to Jeremy but also delivers a very important call for help when Karen is injured on a job site.
            Much to this reader’s delight, Sarah bumbles along with her usual mistakes and reprimands from above, but manages to complete the task she’s been sent to do. With cravings for hamburgers and red stilettos before she leaves for her favorite cloud, Sarah’s given another task here on earth. Oh pooty-doopty.
            Thank you, Ms. Lewis, for a delightful evening read.

About Gay:  Gay N. Lewis has a background in video production and interior design. Her credits include Psalms from the Mountains, and The Canadian Rockies. As a pastor’s wife and Adult Bible Study Leader, she has written numerous church programs and newsletters. She is a mother of three daughters and four grandchildren and lives in Fulshear, TX., a small town west of Houston.

Find Gay on the web at or by visiting her on Blogger at or on Facebook and also on Twitter  @GayNLewis2.


Gay Lewis said...

Thanks Victoria! Sarah was thrilled to appear on your blog. And she appreciates your kind words.!

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

My pleasure, Gay. Thanks for stopping by.

Heather Lindsey said...

I adore reading about Sarah's exploits as she strived to bring two people who are made for each other together. Can't wait for the next Sarah adventure in July!!