Monday, June 16, 2014

Holden by Janya Morrow

Jayna brings us back to Sweet Home in her third 
romantic novel in this Texas Town.

Shy and self-conscious, Irelynn's natural instinct has always been to withdraw with her sketchbook. The last time she picked up a paintbrush, however, was the day her father killed himself.

Now put in the position as stand-in for her boss, Irelynn must overcome her wallflower ways and run Hearth Dairy Farm while he's away on vacation. A twist of fate leaves her short a manager, and ruggedly handsome Holden Hearth steps in to assist her.

My Review:  The return to Sweet Home of the Hearth’s second son, Holden, finds him using his business skills to right the family dairy. Not that things aren’t right and run efficiently by Irelynn, his brother Gabriel’s all around girl.
            Irelynn cannot see her self worth and has given up on being an artist, her true passion. Holden also has returned to deal with the scars of his past in Sweet Home where he was perceived as the geeky genius.
            While they butt heads over operational skills and Holden’s attempts to wear Irelynn down convincing her she deserves more than her “always too busy” boyfriend, they find the inner strength in each other and let go of the burdens from their past.
            A superhero with an umbrella and a sigh of a good romance leaves behind Sweet Home once again. I think there’s more in store for Ms Morrow’s followers waiting to return to the little Texas town.

About Jayna:  Texas romance author, Jayna Morrow, has been creating imaginary worlds since a young age. As an elementary school teacher, Jayna juggles the demands of molding young minds, raising two precious daughters, and spending time with her husband/best friend... while making time for passion of writing romance novels. Read more about her at 


Peggy Trotter said...

Sounds like a great read! I love it when the main characters bump heads. Great review!

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

It's a great series, Peggy. I love the small town setting.

Heather Lindsey said...

Gabriel is a great read. It's lovely to read a little more about Jayna. Great blog post.

Sharon McGregor said...

Sounds like a winner! I enjoyed Gabriel and it's nice to see more.