Thursday, May 15, 2014

Now & Forever By Terri Mann & Kate Lane

Nothing could destroy their love, except the truth…
Separated by circumstance and distance, former high school sweethearts Lindy and TJ find their lives and passions once again entwined. For the past twelve years, each lived and worked in separate worlds, but yet held each other close in their hearts, one never sure what the other was feeling. The sudden and cruel death of their dear friend, Jack, brings them back together in Clarkson Grove, where their love had blossomed so many years before. Each is breathless at the thought of reuniting, hoping against hope that they can begin again. Can the love of their youth truly grow into an adult, lasting relationship or are their feelings just bittersweet memories of “the one who got away?” After so much time apart, do they still hold the same, small town values? How will they handle disagreements and disappointments along with extended family strife? Is each free to resume the relationship they once had, or have commitments to others been made, commitments that may even include a child?

My Review:  Disappointment, tragedy, bittersweet memories, and heart wrenching resolution wrap this story in page turning triumph. The romance between TJ and Lindy is built on the foundation of young love, but secrets and misjudgments drive them apart. They’re brought back home by the untimely death of their best friend, and Lindy finds her life on display in the small town. While TJ struggles with his resentment, Lindy takes matters into her own hands and the outcome impacts all their lives.
            I thoroughly enjoyed Now and Forever and Ms Mann and Ms Lane manage to write seamlessly. There was something hauntingly familiar about this book. Not the story, but the writing. After I’d read the last page and sighed in contentment, I decided the novel’s pacing and masterful craft reminded me of some of the great romance authors.

Meet Terri and Kate: 

Terri Mann honed her professional writing skills for many years as a copywriter for business entities and as a grant writer for social services agencies and arts organizations.  She also found success in writing personal essays, which were published locally and nationally.  Since childhood, books have been an integral part of Terri’s life. 

Kate Lane has spent her life in the northern Ohio area, near the shores of Lake Erie. She has has two grown children, and five grandchildren, all of whom she sees often.

Kate's enjoyment in reading is lifelong, a hobby encouraged by her mother. Movies became an integral part of her life as well. Kate decided that writing would be the natural conclusion of her ever present passion for romance and adventure! 

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Gay Lewis said...

Thanks ladies! This looks wonderful. I'm putting it on my TBR list.

Carlene Havel said...

Sounds like a great read! I'll have to check it out.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

I really enjoyed this book. Terri and Kate did a wonderful job putting Now and Forever together into exactly what I look for in a romance novel.