Thursday, April 10, 2014

Meet Sandra Tilley and Suzanne Purvis

Sandra Tilley and Suzanne Purvis have co-authored an exciting and suspenseful new release titled Destined for Deception.

First, the authors tells us a little bit about themselves:

About the authors, a tale of North meets South.

Sandra Tilley After trading my Sweet Home Alabama for Pensacola, Florida, I'm still Southern--through and through. I was born and raised in a small town near Birmingham, Alabama. For twenty-five years, I taught sixth and seventh grades in the Chalkville-Trussville area. In 2001, I said good-bye to Trussville, Alabama, and hello to beautiful Pensacola, Florida. I taught English at Bailey Middle School in Pensacola for six years and spent many hours sitting on the beach grading essays. Now, on any given day, you might find me on the white sandy beaches of Perdido Key enjoying the sparkling blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. But I won't be grading essays. I'll be plotting my next novel or short story.

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Suzanne Purvis, a writer and artist transplanted from Canada to the Florida Panhandle. Wedged up against Alabama and Georgia, the Deep South oozes into this corner of Florida, and once you visit you won't want to leave. That's what happened to me. Hard to resist the sweet tea, sweeter accents, and the sugar-white-sand beaches. I write fiction of the long, short, and flash variety for both children and adults, usually with a touch or more of humor. I've garnered a few awards including first place in the University of Toronto, Trinity College Short Fiction Contest. I’m a huge football fan, love the beach in winter, small rodents freak me out, and my favorite holiday is April Fool’s Day which just happens to be my son’s birthday. My favorite color is lime green, but not to wear. My favorite food is popcorn, but I rarely get it at the movie theatre. I’m adding yoga to my life, but I won’t attempt a headstand. And I still love hanging out in the children’s section of the library.

You can find me on my website or at my blog or on Facebook.

Destined For Deception

My Review:
Forensic accountant, Drew Arnoud is investigating the BP oil spill and some how local business owner, Bree Finley, figures into a fraud situation involving the tourist trade.  He finds her delectable from the beginning, even if she rams his kayak and sends his expensive titanium glasses to the bottom of the pass.

She feels responsible and offers to help him obtain new lenses and he takes her for dinner, which turns ugly with the intrusion of another local, Mavern. Bree bolts, Drew pursues, and after sharing dessert which she happily allows to replace their interrupted meal, he lets her in on his investigation. She offers to let him peruse the company files when they’re interrupted by her ex-husband.

Things start to unravel fast and as Bree and Drew fit the pieces together, their lives are threatened.

You can feel the gentle gusts from the gulf as you enjoy this tantalizing suspense-filled novella, makes me long for the beach and a drink with a little umbrella. Nice job and kudos to Sandra Tilley and Suzanne Purvis.

Destined for Deception is available here and at Prism Book Group 


Sandy Tilley said...

Suzanne and I are such beach girls, writing Destined for Deception was just a matter of time. And with our warm weather lately, I've been itching for some beach time. Yesterday I had to go and wiggle my toes in the sand. Water was chilly. But I got my mini beach fix--for now. :)

Thank you so much for having us today.

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much for hosting us and your wonderful review. So thrilled that you could feel the warm Gulf breezes.

Carlene Havel said...

I just finished "Destined for Deception" and loved it!!

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much for reading our work Carlene. Glad you liked it! :)

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies. Destined for Deception is an exciting, suspenseful read. I loved it, too.

Bonnie McCune said...

I don't know where people get time for beach reads or even find the beaches, scarce in Colorado. But an exciting novel can be worked into anyone's schedule.