Thursday, April 3, 2014

Joining me today is Lindsey Paley

Lindsey has written an amazing story in her book, Stiletto Heels and Bicycle Wheels. I completely enjoyed it and I think you will to.

Here's a few interesting facts about Lindsey and how she wove them into her novel:

What I most love about the story is that love and romance can be found when, where and with whom you least expect it. Rosie's life in NYC is so hectic that she has no time for love or relationships, but even when there is an enforced change of pace, it takes her some time to realise that happiness can be found in the most unexpected of places.  

I have always had a herb garden in my back garden. Every recipe in the novel has been tried and tested and, like Rosie in the novel, they didn't always work out first time. But if at first you don't succeed......! And I think that adage can be a writer's resolution, that despite the hurtful rejections and criticisms of our work we all encounter, we must keep on trying, again and again.

I hope every reader of 'Stiletto Heels' will feel an affinity with the character of Rosie, maybe see a little of themselves in her, particularly her desire to make everyone happy, sometimes at her own expense. Of course, I also hope they thoroughly enjoy the heart-warming story with an uplifting message and happy ending

I  discovered through Lindsey's Facebook posts that she really loves to cook. A real bonus from her book are the wonderful recipes she's included. 

Recipe - In the novel Rosie delves into her Aunt Bernice's illustrated recipe book and attempts to recreate her recipes with varying degrees of success. My favourite recipe is for Lavender shortbread. It has a deliciously subtle aroma of lavender. Here it is - if you decide to try it out - it would be awesome if you posted a photo of the finished product to my author page.
Aunt Bernice’s Lavender Shortbread
200g softened, unsalted butter
100g lavender sugar
200g plain flour, sieved
100g semolina
Beat the butter until smooth, then add the lavender sugar and mix until incorporated. Mix in the flour and the semolina until a dough is formed. Knead very lightly. Try not to overwork. Roll gently and cut out 5cm rounds. Place on a greased baking tray and chill for an hour. Bake in a preheated oven, Gas Mark 4 for 25-30mins, taking care not to overbake, like Rosie did. Leave to cool before transferring to a wire rack. Sprinkle with lavender sugar, or if you wish, lavender petals.

Home-made lavender sugar is easy to make. Wrap a tablespoon of fresh lavender flowers in muslin and tie securely. Place into a sealed jar with 500g of caster sugar. Shake daily and after a week the lavender aroma will have permeated the sugar. Discard the muslin bag and the sugar is ready for use.

Now for my review:

Corporate climber, Rosie Hamilton, finds her busy life crashing down on her when she receives the devastating news her Aunt Bernice has died. Rosie must leave her accounts in the hands of her less than trustworthy boss, Giles, and travel to the UK to settle her aunt’s estate.

Life at the thatched roofed lodge is just what she needed. Even the once glorious, but now overgrown garden, brought her comfort as she returns to its former beauty.

Rosie’s ready to sign the house over and leave the UK by the end of October, but she finds a journal of her aunt’s and Rosie begins to wonder if life in the little cottage with the red door might be just what her heart desires.

This is a wonderful story with well developed characters. The charming description of the lodge and the small close knit community keeps a smile on your face and you can’t put the book down wanting to find out what happened to the players in this romantic tale. 

Check Lindsey's postings on Facebook (link above) and look for her release soon from Prism Book Group.


Gay Lewis said...

I read this book and loved it. I don't bake, but I found the recipes interesting. How do you convert the ingredients to American measurements? I like the new cover.

Carlene Havel said...

I also enjoyed "Stiletto Heels or Bicycle Wheels", and the inclusion of recipes is a clever bonus.

Heather Lindsey said...

Thanks Gay, I'll convert the ingredients and post them on my Facebook page.

Heather Lindsey said...

Thanks Carlene

Heather Lindsey said...

Thanks for having me as guest on your blog. I hope readers enjoy Rosie's journey and the delicious recipes she tries.

Sharon McGregor said...

I loved the book and the recipes sound so inviting but I'm not the best of cooks so I haven't tried any yet. I think the lavender shortbread would by my first attempt.

Heather Lindsey said...

Thanks for your kind words Sharon.

Bonnie McCune said...

Yum, yum. I love to experiment and try new recipes. And I'm certainly familiar with the desire to make everyone else happy--an impossibility, right?

Heather Lindsey said...

Thanks Bonnie. I hope you like the recipes.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments. I really like this book, too. I want to try some of the recipes and especially the Lavender Shortbread - yum.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

What a great story. And I love Lindsey's comparison of cooking to writing--persistence helps with both!

Heather Lindsey said...

Thanks Lynn