Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Love Thief by Daisy Jerico

Please welcome Daisy Jerico who lives in a small Wisconsin town with her three dogs and husband of 27 years. When not writing, Daisy teaches science to inquiring minds. 

My Review

             Shaken from sleep in the middle of the night, the gallery where Sandra works has been broken into. After running the two blocks to the shop, she can’t believe it’s happening a second time. Another jewel heist and the authorities are pointing the finger at her once again. To clear her name she agrees to work with Detective Hargrave and Alex Daniels from the police department.

            Even though Alex is drop dead gorgeous, he’s a jerk. Sandra learns that just like her ex-boyfriend, Derrick, who got her involved in the first job, Alex is a former jewel thief. Alex wants to clear his name, too, but Sandra wants the pendant she created and she knows Derrick stole it from her employer.

            With the help of an enormous dog who is overprotective but loveable, Alex and Sandra lure Derrick into a trap, but things don’t turn out as they expected and Sandra must decide what is really important.

            I enjoyed this delightful story and especially loved the dog, Viking. I read it almost entirely in one sitting and the jewel height at the beginning and the well thought out ending keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Carlene Havel said...

I recently read this too-cute book, and I highly recommend it!

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks Carlene - it's a cute story

Sandy Tilley said...

The Love Thief sounds like a fun read. Heading to Amazon!

Lisa Lickel said...

This really is a cute story.

Captivated Reader said...

I just read this novella yesterday in a short amount of time. I loved it!! What a cute story that keeps you engaged from start to finish. Viking was certainly my favorite character and enjoyed how the author incorporated him into the storyline.
I'm in the process of writing a review on my book blog, Captivated Reader, now.