Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's Finally Here! Wednesday, February 19 - release day for The Tempering Agent

February 19, 2014 is the release day for the final episode of my trilogy: The Tempering Agent.

The first book, Alvarado Gold, introduces you to the Addie Barnes and her cousins who are looking for buried treasure on the original Barnes homestead in Texas.

Addie and her husband, Gary, are kidnapped in the second book, Cairo. Solving clues and mysteries along with Addie's best friend, Liz, Donnie Barnes finds Addie hidden away in a Coptic Church in Alexandria.

Donnie decides to stay in Egypt and in The Tempering Agent he is asked to assist Dr. Priscilla Hackling on a sting operation sending him to Siwa is search of an antique trafficker and murderer.

 Dr. Priscilla Hackling finds herself thrown back into the murder investigation of her fiancé, Trey Whittington. While she was a suspect three years ago, she’s now working with the police to find the murderer, Egyptian artifact trafficker, Zarka El-Din.

During a sting operation in Siwa, she and Agent Donnie Barnes are drawn to each other but Priscilla, overcome by personal ghosts from her past, decides a relationship isn’t possible.

Priscilla realizes she’s the bait in the ruse and uncovers others involved with El-Din. Will she and Donnie reconcile and unravel the reason behind Trey’s death before El-Din kills her, too?


Carlene Havel said...

Congratulations, Victoria, on your latest release. Tuesday evening - it's aleady there on Amazon. I just got my copy!

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks, Carlene!!

Heather Lindsey said...

Congratulations, Vicki. I'm excited about reading your latest release as I thoroughly enjoyed Cairo.