Monday, January 20, 2014

PBG Writers's 2014 Goals and Achievements

Congratulations to Jacqueline D. Hopper for topping 
the 100,000 mark on her blog views. 

And now for my writing goals:

I facilitate a small writing group every Tuesday morning. I was very pleased to receive a round robin email from one of the other attendees with her goals for this year. In 2014 three of the participants would like to find a home for their book-length works, others have submitted to magazines and publications or signed up for conferences. One hopes her writing will help others and made that her goal. This all brought me to look at my writing aspirations.

I have been kicking around a time travel for several years and this year I'm going to set it free and find someone to publish it. The three stories center around an old mansion in upstate New York and covers three distinct time periods. The tagline is:  Time cannot imprison love nor hold it in place. At Balmoral, a two hundred year old estate in old Northampton, love calls and only the heart can answer.

I also have the first chapter of a novel written. It is set in the south and begins in the 1940s and fast forwards to present day. Unfortunately, other than the story of a poor runaway girl who becomes successful as an adult, I don't know where it is going. I have several people that would like me to work on that, too. We'll see.

But, foremost, I'd like to help my class reach their 2014 goals. There's so much satisfaction to being published. It affirms that you are a writer. It tells you all those late nights and rejections were worth something. And when you see the reviews letting you know someone else likes your work too, as they say on the credit card commercial - it's priceless.

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