Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Delightful Christmas Stories To Boost Your Holiday Spirit

Sarah’s and the Widow’s Mate/Gay N. Lewis

            The adorable little angel, Sarah, has landed on earth again to delight us with her antics. This time she must help a wealthy widow, Beth Marsh, decide between two suitors. Are they after her or her money?
            Sarah is up to her usual calamities, materializing when she shouldn’t, falling out of a Christmas tree when she tries to pose as an ornament, and knocking over a candle in a restaurant causing a dousing from the fire extinguisher on Beth. However this time Sarah’s mission isn’t to bring Beth together with someone but the right someone.
            Sarah loves to eat and is hoping in her next adventure she’ll master walking in six inch heels. I can’t wait for her next visit. Ms. Lewis does a superb job delivering a meaningful message through a small, determined angel.

Available on Amazon for $3.99

A Sharecropper Christmas/Carlene Havel

            The depression has hit the country hard and left the Shoemaker family hungry and homeless with another baby on the way. Alice wonders what kind of Christmas little James and David will have when Henry comes to their tent home with the news he’s found a job as a sharecropper.
            While Alice yearns for the things she once had, she makes their life comfortable in the tin roof shanty they call home. She papers the walls with newspapers to keep out the cold and manages to make meals for her family using the fireplace and a Dutch oven all the while her pregnancy growing heavy.
            Alice makes new friends far away from the family and acquaintances she’d always known and she learns through their new minister no one is to blame for what has happened to them. The Shoemaker family receives many blessings and through the little boys’ adventures find a way to have a wonderful Christmas.
            Ms. Havel paints a beautiful story of a time in American history when people struggled to exist. Farms were lost and families torn apart, but through faith, Christmas comes to the Shoemakers.

Available on Amazon for $0.99

A Christmas Gift for Mary Jones/ Kimberly B. Jackson

            Widow, Mary Jones, never had children and despite her age of forty-five some people called her Grandmother Jones. She was always ready to pitch in and help out.
            She missed her husband, William, terribly and often imagined she saw him walking the farm with his white German Shepherd, Major. One day Mary came in from her chores to find an adorable little girl sitting at her table and the girl’s mother, Teresa, looking for William. She told Mary he was her father.
            Undaunted by the information, Mary takes in Teresa and Emma. As the story unfolds, Teresa falls in love with the sheriff, Tom, but before the romance blossoms, Mary and Teresa desperately need Tom to solve the mystery of Mary’s slashed ties and the unexplained smoke Mary has spotted coming from a fire on her property.

            Ms. Jackson writes a remarkable story of acceptance and faith and the wonderful magic of Christmas for a little girl. There’s even a recipe. 

Available on Amazon for $0.99

Christmas Blessings/Claire Sanders, Kimberly B. Jackson, Carlene Havel

This anthology is a wonderful compilation of Christmas stories offered by Sanders, Jackson and Havel. Each one different bringing a tear to your eye and warmth to your heart as each unveils the true meaning of Christmas.

Available on Amazon for $2.99

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Mary L. Ball said...

All these wonderful novels are a must read! The authors are great writers.

Carlene Havel said...

Lovely! I'm in the Christmas spirit. Thank you.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks, Ladies, for stopping by.

Bonnie McCune said...

A nice break from the must-do's we give ourselves during a holiday. We deserve a little peace ourselves. Bonnie McCune, author

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Another great list of books, Vicki!