Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Gingerbread House by Jacqueline Hopper

Jacqueline Hopper wrote her first literary masterpiece in grade four; something about clouds, which the teacher read to the class. This was all it took to spark Jacqueline's interest in writing.

After realizing it wasn't enough just to have the desire to write—that conclusion coming after her first rejection by a publishing house—she decided to hone her skills.

Her first step towards publishing success began by enrolling in a correspondent writing course. She went on to see her first short story, Listening to Crows, featured in the Nov/Dec 2000 issue of The Hearing Health Magazine.

My Review:

Dr. Jared Oath started The Gingerbread House project partly due to his past but mostly to honor the love he’d lost. His desire to help children be safe and unafraid stemmed from his own battle with unrelenting child predators. A group of physiologists participated as actors at the playhouse performing a play based on Jared’s past. He played himself, Tenny. His friend, Kizzy, was played by a young student named Peggie.
Keren Joel’s little boy, Sawyer, screamed unmercifully in the presence of strangers. He clung to her not wanting to let her go. She had brought this behavior upon her own child and she had to correct it before he started school. Keren sought out Dr. Oath and brought Sawyer to The Gingerbread House.
Jared recognized her immediately but it took Keren a few minutes to accept that he was Tenny, all grown up. The long ago incident was her fault and Jared was the hero but she never was able to tell him that. Was it too late? Had his Kizzy finally come back to him?
Ms. Hopper writes a compassionate novel about a subject that all parents face: protecting their children. Her artful telling of the story has the reader warming to the characters and feeling their anguish and fears. Well done.

The Gingerbread House may be purchased on Amazon and at Prism Book Group


Jacqueline D. Hopper said...

Thank you for featuring The Gingerbread House on your blog, Victoria. I'm beginning to feel like a celebrity, lol.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

You're welcome, Jacqui. I've enjoyed both your stories.