Thursday, October 3, 2013

Autumn Blessing by Dvora Waysman

Today I'd like to welcome Dvora Waysman. She was born in Melbourne, Australia and moved to Israel in 1971 with her husband and four children. Dvora has been writing in and about Jerusalem for many years, and is syndicated in 27 newspapers abroad. She was the recipient of the "For Jerusalem" citation for her fiction, poems, and features about the city, and has won the Seeff Award for Best Foreign Correspondent. She has also been teaching Creative Writing and Journalism for the past 28 years. Dvora is the author of numerous books, including "The Pomegranate Pendant" (now a movie), its sequel "Seeds of the Pomegranate; In a Good Pasture" and her memoir "My Long Journey Home". 

Dvora's wonderful novella, Autumn Blessing lets us all know - it's never too late to fall in love:

Autumn can be a desolate season. For Dorothy, after losing her husband, the autumn of her life stretches before her lonely and uncertain. But a change, a new hobby, and new friends prove this new season to be bountiful with blessings.

My Review:

The first fall season after her husband’s death, Dorothy busies herself in the cultivation of his garden. She fears she has come to the autumn of her life, too, with no one to share it with.

Dorothy, at the urging of her friend, attends a gardening group lead by, Ron, a master gardener. He’s very helpful with his lessons, tips and occasional cuttings and soon Dorothy’s garden is in full, glorious bloom, and so is she.

She realizes she’s falling in love with Ron and he soon proposes, but Dorothy has to run the opposition of her family. Her son, daughter and grandchildren do not want anyone to step in and take over their father and grandfather’s place.

Will Dorothy be happy in her final years? Will she and Ron have a life together despite the ill feelings of her children?

Autumn Blessing is a delightful read. Ms Waysman writes a wonderful late-in-life love story woven into the seasonal changes of the garden. Thank you Dvora for helping us remember you’re never too old for love.

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Mary L. Ball said...

Oh my, Autumn Blessings does sound like a great novel. I can't wait to read it.

CH said...

I just finished reading "Autumn Blessing". It's a really sweet story and I highly recommend it.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks Mary and Carlene - I loved Dvora's novella.

Sharon McGregor said...

I loved this story.