Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mary L. Ball's Stone of Destiny

I'm pleased today to have Mary L. Ball for a return visit. A few months back I reviewed her book, Escape to Big Fork Lake and she has another new release, Stone of Destiny. 

Mary L. Ball lives in North Carolina and writes novels and Christian articles. Her passion is weaving together inspirational romantic suspense and mysteries, which show the imperfect lives of everyday characters as they face hardships while discovering the real meaning of grace. Her books encourage you to see the magic of love and a divine guidance that often lies dormant, waiting to be found by each of us. When she’s not writing she enjoys family and singing Gospel music with her husband.

My Review:

A ring which disappeared after a senseless murder fifty years ago holds all the hopes and prayers of Taylor Harrison’s family.
Taylor is far too busy as the youngest CEO of Mugful’s to take time off to oversee the remodeling of the Harrison family estate, but does so at the request of her Granny Kay. There’s one more thing, Kay has asked her to find the ring.
The contractor, Brent, hired to do the job surprises Taylor on her first morning at the estate. She thinks he’s cute, but her career is the most important thing in life next to her grandmother. When the walls start coming down for the remodel, Taylor searches for the ring until in the final room, beneath the floor boards, she find it. She’s found something else, too. She’s interested in Brent, but not enough to give up her career.
Once she begins to wear the ring, she has a series of strange dreams. She’s torn between the definite fork in her road to success. Are the dreams real or is it God trying to tell her something?

Mary L. Ball writes an intriguing suspenseful story. The book is a delightful read full of suspense, romance and the destiny for those who follow God’s will. Well done, Mary!

Stone of Destiny is available on Amazon and from Prism Book Group.


Jacqueline D. Hopper said...

Mary L. Ball knows how to hook and reel the reader into her book.

Mary L. Ball said...

Thanks so much for the review.

CH said...

I just got Stone of Destiny on my kindle - can't wait to read it! Carlene

Gay Lewis said...

I'm reading it on Kindle now. Good book...I'm about half way through. Review to come, and believe me, it will be a five star.