Friday, July 19, 2013

Sam's Treasure by Terri Crews

California during the 1850’s Gold Rush was no place for a woman and Owen Carlton knew that only too well. He and Sam had been looking for gold like all the other hopefuls but between the two of them, Sam was better at finding the nuggets. Unfortunately, Owen was better at spending the money at the local saloon.

After finding a rather large nugget, Owen sat drunk and bragging at the local watering hole. He was proud of his Sam finding the biggest nuggets, and as he told the story, two men overheard him. Sam had been a bit of trouble in town attempting to drag Owen out of the saloon and had been thrown out of the front door into the mud for her efforts. Then there was the beehive incident, but the men decided to kidnap Sam for the boy’s gold finding skills.

Sheriff Trace Wallace overheard the two green outlaws and hoped they were the claim jumpers he’d been looking for. He was working undercover and decided to fall in with the unlawful pair to protect the kid.

Hardheaded Sam was a handful and Trace quickly found out Sam wasn’t a boy but a beautiful young woman hidden away in men’s clothing which included a large hat which she never took off. As Trace watched her, studying her delicate features he caught a glimpse of her long, flowing tresses; his heart was swept away.

Trace liked his life as a loner and Sam had long played the role of a boy and knew nothing of love but he was changing and she was learning. With the arrival of another group of outlaws, things changed and it didn't look good for the pair.

Terri Crews writes wonderful tales of the old west. I have enjoyed both of her books and got so wrapped up in the characters, I couldn't put the books down. I’m a California native and know exactly where the story took place. Ms Crews’ paints lovely pictures that sweep the reader back to Gold Rush days.

About Terri:

The Joy of the Lord is Terri Crews’ strength. Terri Crews resides in the small town of Hilliard FL, where she’s lived most of her life. She has been married to her high school sweetheart, Wayne, for twenty-three years and is a proud mama of two children, Elizabeth, twenty-two and Jonathan, seventeen.  Recently, her family welcomed a son-in-law Scott to the family. She is the property manager for Franklin Properties.
Terri Crews had the desire to write since she was a child. Despite circumstances in which she was reared, she’s managed to press on with hope of one day becoming an author.  As an author, her greatest joy is to share a story. Reading is one of her fondest ways to let go of reality and relish in imagination for a while.  
Terri Crews has one published workFrom Letters to Grace. Terri is thankful to God every day for family and friends, who are just as much family as her blood relatives. Their encouragement has been a blessing and at times very much needed. Her loved ones are the true treasures in her life.
Just a simple girl with a story to share!

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Bonnie McCune said...

I spent a large part of my childhood in California and was entranced by the Gold Rush and other history. Women had to be strong and creative and determined to survive. So this sounds like a story that illustrates these points. Congratulations.

CH said...

Interesting! I love knowing more about the author behind the book.

Mary L. Ball said...

Such a great story. Terri is a wonderful author.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies. Since I'm a California native, I really enjoyed this book. Terri write a powerful story.