Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Challenge Of Sorts

If you've followed my blog over time, I'm sure you've discovered I read - a lot!  If I find an author like Luanne Rice, Margaret Maron, Brad Metzler or Earlene Fowler - I read everything they've written and my book shelves are sagging to prove it.

One thing I've done over the past ten months is read everything from Prism Book Group. There tag line is "fiction that moves you" and it does. If you'll check down through my past blog posts or find me on Amazon, you can read through my reviews.

Most of the books and novellas published by Prism Book Group have rated in the top 100 on Amazon. That's a pretty awesome feat.

There's something for everyone in their collection:  Westerns, Contemporary, Holiday, Angels, Comedy, Historical and some knock your socks off Suspense novels.

Oh yeah - and I'm over there, too.

Summer's a great time to read - head on over to:

Another great place to look for top rated fiction is eFictionFinds

So that's my challenge - read - and don't forget a review warms an author's heart!


Gay Lewis said...

I love your blog. It is chocked full of good hints for reading material. Thanks for sharing with us.

CH said...

Good article! I haven't read all of the Prism books, but enough to know they are always entertaining - and bargain priced as well!

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Hi Victoria,
Thanks for the reminder to read. Sometimes I get so caught up in writing that I don't take time out for reading, and I miss it.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thank you ladies for stoping by. I love to read and have two I'm reading right now and three waiting for me.

Lisa Lickel said...

Excellent - thank you for the reminder!

Kimberly B Jackson said...

Wonderful blog. I appreciate your reviews of the books from Prism.

Kimberly B Jackson said...

Wonderful blog. I appreciate your reviews of the books by Prism.