Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shaken Blessings by Celeste Charlene

Sandra Calbrin arrives in Africa after a military coup – with her designer jeans and high heeled shoes – to check on the five orphan girls she’s sponsored and collect shea nuts for her line of beauty products. The trip would only last a few weeks, but little did she know she’d be there almost a year and escape with only a carry-on bag and her life.

Sandy had left nursing behind a decade ago to build her multi-million dollar health spa business, but a pastor convinces her to vaccinate the African children in the wake of an epidemic. She is shocked by the practices used to feed and bathe the babies and she fears the parents will only bring them harm. While at a hospital, she meets a baby girl whose mother had died. The child has been abandoned since and the villagers are sure the child is cursed.

The hospital official lets Sandy take the child who she names Blessing. Sandy wants to show the local parents how to care for their children using Blessing as an example. Sandy breaks local taboos and is confused by their unusual customs and is accused of prostitution then Blessing’s father demands money from Sandy for his child.

The military officers continually harass Sandy telling her she is under investigation. They make her wait hours to receive the proper stamps to allow her passage among the villages where she treats the babies and the locals. When rebels try to take over the country, Sandy and Blessing are in grave danger.

Sandy realizes through her ordeals that she is strengthened in the Lord and must obey his will to survive, even if it means giving up everything that was once so precious to her.

Celeste Charlene writes a powerful story of growth and redemption. The situations in Africa are frighteningly real and found the main character in one dilemma after another, but rescued through God’s saving grace.

Celeste was a medical missionary for almost thirty years in West Africa. She has been a public speaker at missions conferences and in churches sharing her experiences. Shaken Blessings is her debut novel.

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Gay Lewis said...

Very nice. I look forward to reading this book.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks for stopping by, Gay. Shaken Blessings is a very compelling story.