Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Adorable Little Angel Visits Earth Again

Gay N. Lewis has another hit on her hands with Sarah: Laney's Angel.

My Review:
Sarah, the directionally impaired and slightly improper angel with her love of hamburgers and stilettos, is back and earth will never be the same.

This time her mission is to bring Laney Taylor and Cannon Carlson together, but they’re both stubborn, hardworking individuals. Laney is attracted to Cannon, but he’s her boss and she definitely feels business and pleasure don’t mix.

Sarah’s misguided adventures wind up getting her charge, Laney, hurt with a spangled ankle, but Cannon comes to the rescue. Another time Sarah tries to steer Cannon in the right direction but backs into his sports car. “Oh, poopty doopty.” As Sarah would say.

When Sarah arrives on earth Tomas, the warrior angle is sent to protect Laney. Sarah is fearful something will go wrong with her charge and Sarah can’t interfere with Tomas’ mission, but he may need her help.

Who is trying to harm Laney? And will she and Cannon get together before it is too late.

Ms. Lewis writes a wonderful story with warm and delightful characters. Sarah is so adorable. I visualize her in her long, flowing robe sitting cross legged on the top of Laney’s car, golden curls flying. I hope Sarah visits us again real soon.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Big Horn Storm by Kim McMahill

Niki Garat had left the Big Horn Mountains she loved to make her living as a graphic designer in Denver. The job paid the bills but she had a sense of not fitting in. The annual trip to visit her beloved grandfather while he drove sheep into the high country made her life bearable. She’d once again see Deuce and even though he’d pushed her aside for the last five years, he remained her childhood infatuation.

While Niki had made this trek every year, danger loomed on the horizon. The television in the break room at Colorado Creative Designs gave a dismal report of the stock market hitting a new record low as the U.S. lead a multi-national effort to force into Canada and regain control of those provinces. Iranian troops amassed on the Canadian-U.S. border while the Russians staged in Cuba.

Niki’s boss told her to take a month off instead of the usual two weeks. Chills ran down Niki’s spine at the thought of the country she knew falling into the hands of others. Little did she know when she arrived at the ranch, how her life would change and she could prove to herself and the untouchable Deuce that she was much more than he thought she was. There might be hope for the two of them, but as foreign troops take over the ranch and the surrounding mountains will they even survive?

Ms. McMahill writes a page-turner suspense story. The characters are well rounded and believable and the description of the scenery almost lets you smell the pine trees. Well done, once again.

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Family Does Matter

A young widower, Morgan Masterson, struggles to make a better life for his daughter, Maddie. When he almost runs over Bonnie Blakley, the new activities director for the Elmvale Nursing Home, he has no idea she’ll become so important to his little girl.

Bonnie has been brought up through the foster care system. She longs for independence from the existence of abuse and punishment she has come from, but yet, she longs to belong to a real family.

When Bonnie’s foster mother, Mrs. Grimes, shows up at the nursing home, Bonnie is threatened and all those horrible memories come flooding back. Morgan wants her to baby-sit for Maddie, but Bonnie fights against it. When she finally agrees, her worst fears are realized.

Morgan and Maddie want Bonnie in their lives but it takes an old woman who claims she knows Bonnie to set things right.

This uplifting story about the bonds of family and love gives the reader a true sense of understanding that a hurtful past can be left behind. Ms. Sellwood paints believable characters in everyday situations. Nice job, Georgina.

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