Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garrett by Jayna Morrow

The town of Sweet Home, Texas, is on the auction block as developers move in to buy the land from the original founding families. One by one their farms and ranches fall to strip malls and shopping centers. Micara Lee is passionate about stopping the sprawling construction even to the point of taking a stick to a bull dozer which she later realizes as an outrageous reaction.

At town meeting she meets Garrett Hearth. He’s the son of one of Sweet Homes’ oldest families. He and his brother Gabriel are the last of the children still holding on to the land their parents left them. Garrett was a high school football hero destined for college and the NFL, but a knee injury put him on the sidelines and left him bitter about the way his life turned out. Troubled as he saw his friend, Brent, take over his life and his dreams and even his girl.

Garrett is ready to sell his land and move on. He wants to leave his job as the high school football coach and explore writing children’s books, something he’s wanted to do since childhood. But he meets Micara.

As they fall in love, he struggles with his life and his decisions. She follows her Christian convictions to love someone who has hurt her. She backs down from her position and prays that the landowners will make the right decision, even Garrett.

Will his love for her and the memory of his parents draw him to the right decision? Or will he make a career change and give up on yet another dream?

Jayna Morrow creates believable, warm characters. Garrett is a delightfully sweet story of love and redemption. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

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CH said...

I got "Garrett"! Love the bluebonnets on the cover - state flower of Texas.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks for stopping by, CH. Garrett is a great story - I'm anxious for the rest of the series.