Thursday, March 7, 2013

Welcome Lynette Sofras

Today I'd like to welcome Lynette Sofras the author of Prism Book Group's The Apple Tree.

Until three years ago, Lynette was a busy English teacher, running her own department in a large comprehensive school just outside London.  She gave up her career in education to focus on her writing, thus fulfilling her lifelong dream.  Her first novel, The Apple Tree, won the grand prize in Prism Book Groups' (formerly Inspired Romance) inaugural writing competition and this was subsequently published in December 2011.  Two further contemporary romances followed  in 2012 (Wishful Thinking and Shopping for Love).  In Loving Hate, her first romantic suspense, appeared last November courtesy of Muse It Up Publications.  More recently, she has also published a short sci-fi story, Surveillance, with her son as co-writer, and a psychological drama, Killing Jenna Crane (January 2013). 
Lynette lives with her family in an early Victorian cottage in a picturesque Surrey village and when not writing or reading, loves catching up with her friends, the cinema and theatre; dabbling with exotic cooking or trying to make her rather wild garden and the family's eccentric cat behave nicely.
My Review

Juliet Somerville has returned home from a year in Saudi Arabia leaving her husband and her medical career behind. While living with her sister, Liz, Juliet tells herself she’s resting and tells others she’s studying for her hospital exams.

            She unexpectedly meets an old friend, Robert, and he invites her to his business, a growing nursery. Juliet arrives on a day the gardening shop is closed but is shown around by Nicholas, whom she assumes is Robert’s employee. Juliet is taken with Nicolas and soon finds herself spending time with him in the home Robert shares with his fiancée, Sonya.

            Nicholas is hired renovate the garden of Juliet’s childhood home and the two fall madly in love. Unfortunately, without malice, the relationship is built on deception and when the truth is revealed, Juliet must deal with her past.

            Juliet must confront the death of her mother at an earlier age, her own marriage of convenience and the feelings of her friends over how she’s handled her life. At first, she wallows in her own self pity but becomes determine to right her wrongs.

            I thoroughly enjoyed this well written book. The description of the English countryside and the deep emotional pull of the characters kept me interested and intrigued. Juliet, like the rest of us, thought she dealt with her situations as she should not realizing the impact she had on others. I highly recommend this soul searching novel.

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GayNLewis said...

Thanks for this lovely review. I read the book months ago, and the review refreshed my memory of a great read.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks for stopping by, Gay. I loved the story, too. It is an award winner.

ManicScribbler said...


Thank you so much for the lovely review. It's a very nice surprise seeing it on your great blog today.


Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks, Lynette, I'm glad you like it.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Nice post, books sounds great!

Bonnie McCune said...

I especially enjoyed the way the characters learned from one another and grew over the course of the book. Bonnie McCune, author,

CH said...

Beautiful cover, also. Makes the reader want to open it up and see what's inside.