Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two New Novella's From PRISM - both at a great price

This captivating story with near misses and almost lost chances finds Jim Landers and Rachel Kinsey in a chance meeting at the market. They don’t exchange names and there is no way to find each other again.

After their brief meeting, the couple is brought together by her son’s soccer team. Jim finally meets Rachel when he brings her son, Scott, home with an injury.

Jim isn’t ready for a ready-made family and she’s afraid he’s just another in a series of less than worthy men she seems to encounter.

Jim and Rachel are attracted to each other but there are other people in their lives. Jim dates Donna, another seemingly perfect soccer mom, but all the while thinks of the ditzy unorganized Rachel. She doesn’t fit the bill of a perfect woman. Rachel is overweight, isn’t efficient and klutzy but she’s a great mom and she does get things done but her mouth – runs constantly. To say the least she’s head strong.

Rachel is dating the soccer coach but it isn’t the relationship she wants and she thinks of Jim constantly, tall, dark, handsome but noncommittal.

Through a series of misunderstandings and with a little help from Rachel’s sister, Sharon, the couple work toward an understanding of what they really want in life is each other.

Ms. McCune’s witty way with words makes this a delightful story. Jim and Rachel’s attempts to see each other again at the supermarket and the misunderstood text messages are the highlight of the story. Kudos, Bonnie.


Fiery Irish redhead, Cynthiana Davenport, ignites each time she sees the charming major league baseball player, Roberto Luque and not in a good way. He’s a known playboy and she has chosen a career as a school teacher, not the socialite of her parents’ wishes. She won’t fall to his charm, at least not at first.

When they’re thrown together to plan a gala fundraiser, things change. She sees him in a different light and he can’t get the gorgeous, intelligent woman off his mind. When he returns to the Dominican Republic for his brother’s wedding, Roberto realizes he’s in love. Cynthiana, too, yearns for his return.

On the evening of the ball, Cynthiana introduces Roberto to a friend of her parents’. Max and Sharon Davenport return from Antigua and Max Davenport vows to ruin Roberto’s career if he won’t leave his daughter alone.

Cynthiana tries to trump her father’s hand, but her attempt angers Roberto. Tempers flare in this well written novella. Ruth Roberts has not only written a home run but a grand slam. Nicely done.

These novella's are available at PRISM Book Group and other fine retailers.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OBSESSED? That describes me!

The definition is to preoccupy the mind excessively.

I think the word describes me as a reader. I have several collections from authors Earlene Fowler, Margaret Maron, Luanne Rice and Brad Meltzer just to mention a few. All read cover to cover and some of those collections span over twenty books.

The definition also mentions haunted by. In all my reading and believe me there have been many, many pages. Bess McBride’s' A Sigh of Love fits that category for me. I could not put it down and didn't want to put it down when I had finished.

Lucky for me, Bess, has several of her books on Kindle for just $.99. Check this out on Amazon.com

Bess is not only a great author but a good friend. She's listened to my ups and downs for years and always been happy to lend a hand.

So I'm extending my free hand out to her. The other one's wrapped around my Kindle!

Grab your reader and download a few of her books - so you can be obsessed, too. There's one waiting in my Kindle right now. Enjoy, I know I will!