Thursday, December 6, 2012

Today I'd Like To Welcome Josie Riveria

Multi-award-winning author Josie Riviera is a mother of three grown children. She spends her days teaching piano, lending an ear to her teenage daughter’s ongoing drama, and, of course, writing. Josie and her family are transplanted upstate New Yorkers, now living in the sunny state of SC. She writes character-driven novels filled with inspiration and emotion.

Her latest release Seeking Patience is currently on the top 100 list at Amazon in both the Kindle and printed book lists.

My Review

When the dowager, Patience Blakwell, is called to find a mysterious Gypsy injured on her doorstep, she welcomes him into her home as any Godly woman would. What she doesn’t ponder to comprehend, she has also welcomed him into her heart.

Within hours of her attempt to hide Luca Boldor, the leader of a group of Roma Gypsies, Marko, Luca’s enemy from another tribe, arrives at Patience’s door. Her boldness and assertiveness is awarded with the back of Marko’s hand and he makes his way to Luca’s bedchamber but Luca is gone. When Marko decides to leave the estate, he burns her barn in revenge vowing to return and render his own justice to those who harbor Luca.

Patience finds the dark, handsome man hiding in her sewing closet. True to her name she nurses him back to health and teaches him a love he has never known. She also teaches him to trust in God.

Luca and Patience lead very diverse lives. One of seeming wealth and fine circumstances compared to that of a nomad who steals for his meager existence. Fiercely loyal to his tribe and those who try to protect him, his angst grows as he longs to be with Patience. He yearns to return to her blaming the infection raging through his system but he comes to understand she is his path to his healing both physically and spiritually. Once in Ipswich, Luca finds Patience dealing with the misfortune of the looming charge of murder of her former husband and a worrisome stepson who insists she return to London and live with him.

Ms. Rivera writes a remarkably powerful novel. While the reader is whisk away to Regency England, from the first page to the last Ms. Rivera captures the mood and scenery of the period. Along with Patience, I grew intensely anxious for Luca’s return; worried he would not survive his injuries and worried for Patience’s safety. The emotions and the underlying problems of the couple are played out with convincing awareness. The attention to detail and Ms Rivera’s approach to informing the reader to truly know the character makes this an extraordinary read.

I commend Ms. Rivera on a job well done and after all who wouldn’t want to find am attractive Gypsy at her doorway. Kudos Josie!

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Seeking Patience is available at Prism Book Group



Josie said...

Thanks so much, Victoria, for hosting me on your blog today. I'm more than happy to attempt to answer any questions about the Romany (Gypsy) life, so ask away. :)

Bonnie McCune said...

A blend of Regency and suspense. Great! I wonder how accepting the culture at that time would have been of their entanglement?

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Josie - You're welcome. The book is really a good one.

Josie said...

The culture wasn't very receptive. I'll tell you a little secret--the book was initially set in the Tudor era, but then this arrangement would have been totally unacceptable.

Josie said...

Thanks, Vicki!

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

I'm so glad that Josie stopped and and let us know a little secret about the book. She's done a lot of research and it certainly paid off in a well written book.

Josie said...

Thanks so much for hosting me today, Vicki. I enjoyed visiting with you.

GayNLewis said...

This is a good book. It's a best seller on Amazon.

GayNLewis said...

Good book. It's a best seller on Amazon.