Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Special Christmas Treat - The Ring That Binds

This novella is on for only $.99 and worth far more. Get a mug of cocoa, snuugle in and enjoy Linda Carroll-Bradd's The Ring That Binds.

My Review:

It’s almost Christmas and a cold winter in the 1886 mining town of Aspen, Colorado, finds widow, Celina Innes, struggling to run her dress shop and care for her daughter, Keena. Celina’s husband’s poor choices left her in debt and she vows she will not follow another man in his strike it rich scheme.

Mikel Toussaint who owns the general store with his brother quietly watches the woman and wishes he could make her life easier. Mikel loves little Keena and slips her treats when she visits his shop with her mother.

Late one evening Mikel comes to the dress shop and brings Celina a slice of his mother’s cake and a taste of his apple cider. Celina is shocked and surprised as this gesture and realizes she longs for a man’s company.

Mikel notices the Christmas ornaments Celina is making and offers to sell them in his store. She is grateful for the extra income even though she doesn’t know he has hung the first ornaments over his bed.

On the morning Celina must deliver a coat she’s made to crotchety Mrs. Peabody, Keena wakes up not feeling well. With no other choice, Celina bundles her up and makes the long walk across town to deliver her product. Keena only becomes worse and Celina binds her daughter to her back, struggling against the storm to get home. Mikel sees them and picks them up in his wagon. He carries the sick child upstairs.

Mikel goes to find the doctor and when the doctor makes his diagnosis, Celina learns a patent medicine will help Keena, but it is five dollars, far out of her budget. Mikel returns to his store and Celina goes to the general store to pawn her wedding ring, the only thing she has of any value.

Mikel keeps her fires going, chops wood, and does the breakfast dishes all the while endearing himself to Celina. Then he disappears. On her next trip to the general store, Celina asks Daniel, Mikel’s brother, where Mikel is. Daniel tells her he has gone to a larger town to increase the store. Celina fears from this comment Mikel will be moving to find a larger location for the general store. Has she fallen in love with another dreamer?

This wonderful heart warming story takes the reader back to a time when life was much harder. Ms Carroll-Bradd whisks us off to Aspen and engulfs us in an amazing Christmas tale. Mikel is a gentle, caring man who wants to make Celina’s life easier but her first responsibility is her child. She learns she can depend on Mikel to take care of both of them.

A Christmas gift from PRISM Book Group:


Linda Carroll-Bradd said...

What a gift and a surprise. Thank you for the review.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks for stopping by Linda - I loved the story.

GayNLewis said...

Viki, After reading this review, I must read the book.