Thursday, November 8, 2012

Welcome Kim McMahill

Working for the National Park Service has given Kim and her husband the opportunity to work and live in Grand Teton, Hawaii Volcanoes, Guadalupe Mountains, Carlsbad Caverns, and Wind Cave national parks, and on the Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi. Residing amid some of America’s most stunning landscapes and extensive travels to remote parts of the world have provided inspiration for many of her stories and articles. Along with her passion for romantic adventure stories, Kim has also published over eighty travel and geographic articles, and contributed to a travel anthology. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography from the University of Wyoming, and currently resides along the unpredictable banks of the Missouri River.

Marked in Mexico
Jessica Hughes longs to take a much needed break from her hectic life as an attorney. She and her best friend, Amber, are leaving for Mexico. The current trial Jessica is working on isn’t going her way nor is the relationship with her not so endearing boyfriend, Phillip Harmon. She wants to make her father, a Texas Senator, happy and has joined Phillip’s law practice and Jessica knows her father has his eye on Phillip as a future son-in-law.

While tanning on the white sand beaches, Amber and Jessica meet Zach, Dave and Jack. The women joined them for a drink and encouraged the men to go on a tour of Chichen Itza. When they board the bus, Jessica can’t decide who to sit with. Dave looks like Phillip and she didn’t want to be reminded of him. Amber has captured Zach’s attention so Jessica sits down next to Jack, a move that may save her life.

At the ruins, part of the tour group chooses to walk to the sacred well. Facing the tour guide, Jessica notices his face distort and she turns to see two gunmen approaching the group. A young girl screams and a rifle butt hits her head. Everyone is forced down on the ground and the gunmen methodically decide who they will kidnap. Jack, Jessica, two college girls, Megan and Ashley, and an over-talkative man named Gilbert are forced into a white van.

Deep in the jungles of Mexico the group is forced into a dark, unwelcoming room to wait out their fate. Only three of them will escape to fight the forceful jungle elements, disease, and drug runners to grasp any hope of freedom. Both Jessica and Jack harbor secrets from their past and during their capture they learn to trust each other as well discover a new found confidence in themselves.

Kim McMahill presents a story of well written suspense. The book is hard to put down and keeps you turning pages and fighting from slipping off the edge of your seat. Being a suspense writer myself, I once told an interviewer I wanted to write the kind of books I want to read – this is one of them. Well done Kim.

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Mary L. Ball said...
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Mary L. Ball said...

Sorry about that. I wanted to say this is a great blog and Kim McMahill is another good author from Prism.

Jacqueline D. Hopper said...

Great review! If that doesn't have copies flying off the 'shelves'...

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Thanks Ladies - Kim is a great author. I'm anxious to read more of her work. Too many books, so little time LOL

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I'm looking forward to reading this one. Love the review.