Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two Wonderful Christmas Short Stories at a great price

The Christmas Answer/Kimberly B. Jackson

Donna and Mark Du Boise have a seemingly wonderful life as professional gospel singers. After their last performance of the year, Donna sits in her dressing room crying in despair. She remembers how they met and how happy they had once been, but now ten year later she wasn’t so sure. She wonders if Mark would be better off married to someone who could give him a child. That ended for her when she lost their first and only baby.

Donna wakes up a few mornings after they’re home to a note from Mark that he’s gone on a two week fishing trip. Feeling abandoned and pouring out her problems to her friend Ellie, Donna finds herself agreeing to go on a missionary trip to the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky.

Upon arrival at her host home, Donna meets Sara Cagle. The woman, her two sons and adopted daughters, Jessie and Lexie, live in extreme poverty and have very little to eat. Sara’s husband died from black lung disease and her two sons must work in the coal mine to help support the family.

Donna works helping with the assigned tasks of the mission group. She is so overcome with her own sadness, she finds herself in a church talking to the minister and that’s when she realizes her real missionary assignment is to help with Sara’s family.

Sara falls ill and is taken to the hospital. Donna fixes up the old shack Sara and the children live in and loads it with food. Donna wants to have a real Christmas for Sara’s children.

Sara takes a turn for the worse. What will happen to her four children and will Mark understand why Donna has used so much of their savings to help this family?

Kimberly B. Jackson touches your heart with the story of a family full of love despite their circumstances. Her characters learn to reach out beyond themselves and let God’s grace surround them.

Three Gifts/Claire Sanders

Jack Stewart’s job search just hadn’t been going as he planned and he couldn’t marry Molly without a job and a home for her. He’d exhausted all the opportunities in Popular Bluff but he couldn’t leave the grandmother who raised him behind to pursue a job in a larger city. He would stick to his plan even if it meant losing Molly.

Molly has a dead end job at the nursing home but has had an excellent recommendation to a larger children’s hospital in the state capitol. She can’t leave Jack and he won’t leave Popular Bluff. She knows that one day they’ll be a family and she’s willing to wait.

When Jack decides he’s a failure even though he’s done a wonderful job at restoring his grandmother’s house and remodeling his former pediatrician’s kitchen, he breaks off his engagement with Molly.

Jack wise grandmother and three special gifts at Christmas turn Jack’s heart around. But when he decides to listen to God and go by His plan is when he wins Molly back into his arms.

Claire Sanders writes a wonderfully romantic story where believable characters face some very real problems. They learn to rely on their creator and trust His will.

These wonderful Christmas stories are available from Prism Book Group


Mary L. Ball said...

I left my review. I enjoyed both of these stories and would read them again.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Thanks for stopping by Mary. They are great stories.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...
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GayNLewis said...

These stories sound great to get me into the Christmas spirit. Thanks!