Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gateway Thursday - Pathways to Inspiring Fiction

I'm going to designating Thursday for my book reviews and I'm excited to introduce Mary L. Ball.

Mary lives in North Carolina and as she states on her website - between the wondrous mountains and glorious beaches. She writes Christian suspense where everyday characters face hardships and discover the meaning of grace.

She also writes a weekly article for the Greensboro Christian Living Examiner, supports her husband's ministry and has a great dog named Lou.

Being a suspense writer myself, Mary's Escape to Big Fork Lake caught my eye.

Samantha Blacker can’t imagine living any where but the big city. But she’s lost her job and she’s being stalked by a neighbor who she dated only briefly.

A chance once a year meeting with a gentleman named Bo, who she thought attended the restaurant convention as a supplier, leaves her inheriting his inn. She’s convinced herself she’ll only stay for the year required in the will until she finds the place at Big Fork Lake very much to her liking.

And one other thing she is finding she likes very much is Noah Frye. They get off to a rocky start but their love grows. Sam is reluctant to trust the Lord as Bo always told her to but Noah is willing to show her the way.

Sam learns to strengthen that trust when it becomes obvious someone is trying to do her harm. Noah vows to stay by her side and but she fears she’ll lose him if she’ll have to leave the place she’s grown to love.

I really enjoyed this novel. I was definitely worried things might not turn out well for Sam, but she’s a fighter. Mary L. Ball does a superior job with the suspense and the descriptive painting of the surroundings.

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Mary L. Ball said...

Thanks for doing the review Vickie, It's especially nice when a talented author such as yourself gives a novel thumbs up.

Kim McMahill said...

Great book and review. I'll be checking back every Thursday for more reviews.

Bonnie McCune said...

Mary Ball's novel is a great way to relax and meet some interesting characters as they solve dilemmas.
Bonnie McCune, author, A Saint Comes Stumbling In

Kimberly B Jackson said...

Great review. I just brought the book today.

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Nice to hear from all of you. Mary did a great job and I'm anxiously waiting for the sequel.

Mary L. Ball said...

Vicki, you gave it away. :-) Yes, I plan on doing another book that will take place in Big Fork Lake. I'm afraid Rob was a bad boy and he has a long road to travel. Maybe, he'll do better or not! Rob did have his problems. The idea of "Redemption in Big Fork Lake." is beginning to form.