Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gay N. Lewis ~ Amazon Best Seller in Three Categories!

Today I'm excited to have Gay N. Lewis. Last week she was number one in these three categories on Amazon:
#1 in Books > Christian Books & Bibles > Literature & Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy
#1 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Religious & Inspirational > Science Fiction & Fantasy
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Religious Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy

A native Texan, Gay lives in Fulshear—a small town west of Houston. Gay has always been involved with creative and artistic ventures. Two videos she produced—The Canadian Rockies, English and Japanese translations, and Psalms from the Mountains, were sold in Canada and America as well as international markets. Both were well received. For the San Felipe Baptist Association, she was a contributor for the video Many Churches, One Vision.
Graphic skills kept her busy as a portrait photographer, and for over ten years, she used her imaginative insight in the interior design field.
Gay’s real love is writing and reading—both go nicely together. As a pastor’s wife, she has written, produced, and photographed many programs, and her Faith Features have been published in various church periodicals.
Gay teaches an adult Bible study every Sunday morning and is often called upon for speaking engagements. When needed, she plays the piano and serves as worship leader in her husband’s church.
Gay’s family reside in Texas—three daughters and four grandchildren.
She features the verse from Col: 3:17 on her website.
“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father though him.” Zondervan NIV

Sarah: A Mission of Love

Sarah, a directionally challenged little angel, gets her first assignment on earth. It’s mid-January and she needs to find a partner for Tom Shoemaker by Valentine’s Day. He’s a wealthy businessman in Houston but he’s been asked to fill his late father’s position in the pulpit of a small, rural church.

Sarah intervenes as Tom takes his mother, Allison, to The Pie Palace. Due to Sarah’s ravenous appetite she turns herself into a human so she may indulge in earthly food. Playing with the sugar packets she drops the white powder on the floor. When Sarah crouches to clean up her mess, she trips the waitress, Marcy, who dumps a full tray of food into Tom’s lap.

Marcy and her young daughter, Hope, live alone in the small town after the death in Afghanistan of Marcy’s husband. She is struggling to keep her job and raise her daughter.

Through Allison’s unexpected invitation to dinner and bungling Sarah’s attempts to keep the couple together a relationship develops. Sarah has lost her instructions on how she should complete the mission and takes on more responsibility, tells some lies and due to her fondness for cheeseburgers finds herself in hilarious situations. Her desire to wear stilettos is one of her many endearing qualities.

The elders want a decision from Tom on the ministry and his confusion causes Marcy to question their relationship. Will they be together in time for Valentine’s Day? Will Sarah please her superiors in The Heavenlies and be allowed to return?

Gay L. Lewis writes an engaging comedy with a powerful message. One of the lines I enjoyed the most was from Mother Goodness, Sarah’s mentor: Your situation isn’t all of one thing and nothing of another. You aren’t doomed to failure. You are somewhere between the noting you think you are and the victory you can achieve.”

I enjoyed Sarah’s adventures and I’m anxious to read more about her in: Sarah: Laney’s Angel.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Interview with Mary E. Merrell

Today on my blog, I'd like to interview Mary E.Merrell. She's the author of several books: House Haunting, Curve Appeal and her soon to be released Affinity-Bird in a Gilded Cage.
Mary E. Merrell lives in the Central Valley of California with her husband, two dogs and four cats. She has two grown sons, Everette Merrell and Richard Mickelson who is married to a great girl, Brooke. Mary has worked at various jobs, selling furniture, a meat company and a manufacturing company. It wasn’t until she started selling real estate that her Real Estate Paranormal Mystery Series came to life in that old, vacant home. She enjoys reading all types of genres and writes Paranormal Mysteries and YA Urban Fantasies. When she’s not writing, she’s working on her decorative planter business LivingCreations with her husband, gardening and playing soccer.

Q. When did you start writing? I’ve dabbled in writing ever since high school, but I really started seriously writing about 10 years ago. My husband made a smart ass remark, “Why don’t you write a book.” We were watching Romancing the Stone. And I thought, “Why don’t I?” I have an epic Science Fiction story in my head and we had a computer. So, I started writing it. Then I went into real estate and that inspired my Real Estate Paranormal Mystery Series.
Q. When did you first consider yourself a writer? As I wrote my epic novel of love in space, I took some on-line writing classes. There was so much I didn’t know. Then I joined a writer’s group. I think once I received my first slew of rejection letters was when I really felt like a writer. A sad writer, but a writer.
Q. What books influenced you most in your life? My favorite book is Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster-Bujold. She writes all her characters so well, secondary characters as well as the main character. Her books are science fiction but they are character driven and that’s how I write as well. I hope, anyway.
Q. How do you make time for your writing? When I was working, I would get up early and write before work. You know, I enjoyed it so much, sometimes I would wake up, look at the clock and think, no it’s too early to get up yet. Since the company went out of business, I have more time to devote to my books. I still get up early and write first thing in the morning. Nothing better than sitting in front of my laptop with a cup of coffee. Usually in my slippers and jammies. But I can write during that day too, and that’s wonderful.
Q. How did you come up with your titles? The titles for my Real Estate Paranormal Mystery Series are puns on real estate terms that coincide with the ghost in that particular mystery. House Haunting and Curve Appeal. Curve Appeal has a stripper ghost. I’m really proud of myself for that one. My editor came up with the fourth book’s title, Soul Pending. Isn’t that clever? The third and fourth books are written, just waiting on revisions and editing.
Q. How much of the book is realistic? In the Real Estate book, I was inspired by an old vacant home I went into when I worked in the real estate business. That house started the whole series. The house in the story is the same house I went into, at least in my own mind.
Q. Are the experiences in the book based on someone you know or your real life? Well, the Real Estate Paranormal Mystery Series is loosely based on my experiences in real estate. Although Rosemary is doing a better job. Geez, and I didn’t even have to worry about the ghosts.
Q. Who is one of your favorite characters in your books and why? That’s such a hard question. It’s like asking who your favorite child is. I do love Marcus from Curve Appeal. And Rosemary’s best friend Laura Toste is a hoot to write. Keith, the ghost from House Haunting was fun to write. I get a lot of comments from people about bringing him back.
Q. How long does it take you to write a book? That’s another really hard question. I think I must have been working on House Haunting and Curve Appeal almost for the last ten years or so it seems. I learned how to write with those books. Lately, it takes about two months to write the rough draft of a novel. I participate in the NaNoWriMo, and write the first 50,000 words in November and finish up the book in December. I’ve written my last three books that way. When I was working it took several months to revise a rough draft, now that I’m unemployed we’ll see how long it will take to revise a book. Soul as Is, the third book in the Real Estate series is due for a serious rewrite.
Q. What writer would you like to be your mentor? I would like Lois McMasters-Bujold to be my mentor. That would be cool. My instructor who taught me most of what I know, Bonnie Hearn Hill, is a published author, and she is like my mentor.
Q. What are you reading now? I’m participating in a reading challenge through Goodreads, so right now, I am reading the first book in the Sentinel series, Burning Alive by Shannon K. Butcher. I have a whole list of books to read though. There never seems to be enough time, and I’d almost always rather be writing.

Check Amazon for her new book which was published October 24, 2012.

The crows followed Talon around everywhere. When he graduated from high school, Talon moved to Sacramento to work with his uncle, and the birds followed. He recognized the same straggly-tailed old crow that had followed him around since junior high.

Iris Yorita lived in his old neighborhood in Modesto. Snakes were drawn to her as the big, black birds were drawn to him. She called their ability an AFFINITY. Claimed it was a gift from God, and they should use it to help people. Talon thought she was out of her mind. How could a bunch of mangy crows or slimy snakes help anyone?

When a thief targeted the people in his uncle's neighborhood, all fingers pointed at the new kid, Talon. He decided it was time to put this strange ability to the test. Find out who was robbing their neighbors and clear his name. As Talon worked on communicating with his crows the thievery heated up. Something more sinister than mere robbery was going on, and it would take Talon, Iris, and their new found friends, to discover what really was going on in this up-scale neighborhood.

Please visit Mary's website to see what she’s working on next., or contact her through Facebook and Twitter.

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Goodreads book page:!/mary.merrell.5

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Carlene Havel Author of A Hero's Homecoming

Today, I'd like to welcome Carlene Havel. She writes Christian-themed romances and historical novels set in Biblical times. She’s lived in Turkey, Republic of the Philippines, and all over the southern half of the United States. Carlene has worked for a banana importer, a software development company, and everything in between. She attended several colleges and universities, including one that granted her a diploma, to everyone’s surprise. She enjoys reading, writing, and almost every variety of needlework. Carlene and her husband Glenn live surrounded by their family in San Antonio, Texas.

“A Hero’s Homecoming” is Carlene first published novel, but others are others in the pipeline. Watch for “Daughter of the King” coming in the fall of 2012 from Prism Book Group. It’s the story of Princess Michal, daughter of Saul, the first King of Israel. Interestingly, Michal is the only woman the Bible describes as being in love with a man. Who was the object of her affections? Can’t wait for the book to find out? Check the eighteenth chapter of I Samuel in the Old Testament.

Colonel Rich Martino arrives home to a stranger living in his house. His wife is gone along with his car; his credit cards are invalid; and when he tries to enter his father’s home, the alarm beckons the police. Shortly thereafter, Rich meets Psychologist Charlotte Phillips, who not only knows the whereabouts of his father, but is in charge of his legal affairs.

The Colonel learns his father is in a coma and Rich is positive Charlotte is after his father’s fortune. When Rich discovers even his father’s lawyer has been taken in by Dr. Phillips, Colonel Martino is determined to find the truth.

Unfortunately everyone thinks Rich died in action and Charlotte believes he’s on the wrong course with his feelings for God and he’ll never change. Events surrounding Rich’s father keep bringing the Colonel and the doctor together. Or was that the plan of the matchmakers in Charlotte’s life?

Carlene writes a compelling story full of believable scenes and romance. The book will captivate your attention to the end. A Hero’s Homecoming warms the heart.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Accident Waiting to Happen

My Gateway Thursday conintues with a visit from Trinity Hart.

All her life, teachers praised Trinity Hart’s writing skills, but she’d never considered becoming an author. A teacher, a dolphin trainer, a veterinarian, and an archeologist—these are just a small sampling of her aspirations growing up. But finally, she’s found a way to be a little of everything and anything her heart desires through the characters in her books. Of course, when it comes to heroes, she has an undeniable weakness for a man in cowboy boots and a Stetson!

Raised by a loving, Christian family, Trinity rebelled as a young adult as so many do and through her darkest hours discovered a deeper connection to God that has made her a stronger woman, mother, and wife. She is delighted to now be spreading God’s love through her stories.

Trinity Hart resides in Amish Country, Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter and is the proud mother of two grown stepsons. She enjoys gardening, concocting her own recipes and hiking, and is a self-professed yo-yo dieter.

Accident Waiting to Happen

Like her name, Hope, that’s all she had when she hears the words from her fiancé’s lips: "She’s worth more to me dead than alive!”

Hope Pearson is desperately trying to reach her father’s Circle C Ranch when she slides off the road. She’s rescued by ex Texas Ranger, Caleb McBryde.

Caleb, injured in an explosion, manages the Circle C. He wants to protect Hope and lead her back to the Christian life she’s abandoned but he fears she’ll never love him because of his scars, which are deeper than physical.

Hope discovers her deceased parent’s secrets: her mother’s to turn the ranch into a retreat and a secret of her father’s that may very well end Hope’s life.

The novel has it all: romance, suspense, and creativity. Trinity Hart does an excellent job of keeping you on the edge of your seat.

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Gateway Thursday - Pathways to Inspiring Fiction

I'm going to designating Thursday for my book reviews and I'm excited to introduce Mary L. Ball.

Mary lives in North Carolina and as she states on her website - between the wondrous mountains and glorious beaches. She writes Christian suspense where everyday characters face hardships and discover the meaning of grace.

She also writes a weekly article for the Greensboro Christian Living Examiner, supports her husband's ministry and has a great dog named Lou.

Being a suspense writer myself, Mary's Escape to Big Fork Lake caught my eye.

Samantha Blacker can’t imagine living any where but the big city. But she’s lost her job and she’s being stalked by a neighbor who she dated only briefly.

A chance once a year meeting with a gentleman named Bo, who she thought attended the restaurant convention as a supplier, leaves her inheriting his inn. She’s convinced herself she’ll only stay for the year required in the will until she finds the place at Big Fork Lake very much to her liking.

And one other thing she is finding she likes very much is Noah Frye. They get off to a rocky start but their love grows. Sam is reluctant to trust the Lord as Bo always told her to but Noah is willing to show her the way.

Sam learns to strengthen that trust when it becomes obvious someone is trying to do her harm. Noah vows to stay by her side and but she fears she’ll lose him if she’ll have to leave the place she’s grown to love.

I really enjoyed this novel. I was definitely worried things might not turn out well for Sam, but she’s a fighter. Mary L. Ball does a superior job with the suspense and the descriptive painting of the surroundings.

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