Monday, August 13, 2012

Two More Golds for Great Britian

My wonderful British friend, Sheryl Browne, has done it again. And not once but twice. She's has two new books out, both great reads and a marvelous display of her writing versitility.

Somebody to Love

Donna O’ Connor, raising a teenage son whose father tends to ignore him, and reeling from a tumultuous marriage to same, returns to find her car illegally parked and Officer Mark Evans, a blue-eyed hunk in uniform, coming out of the post office aimed directly for her vehicle. Instead of a ticket, they agree to have coffee.

Because he’s afraid he’ll scare her off, Mark won’t tell her he has a young, autistic son. She won’t tell him about her miserable marriage and her hopes and dreams of leaving her grueling office job and oppressive manager.

Donna’s life includes a three legged dog, a rabbit named Fundus, and a wonderful son who understands his mother is doing her best for him. Mark is torn between getting the right care for his son and doing what is right for Donna.

Through a multitude of miscommunications, intrusion from Donna’s well meaning mother and Mark’s senile father, and hilariously funny star-crossed scenarios Donna and Mark finally connect when she lands a day care position where Mark’s son, Jack, is in care.

In this wonderful story of love and redemption the animals play a large part including Jack’s service dog, Starbuck.

Well done, once again, Sheryl!

Warrant for Love

Leanne Curtis is about as unlucky in love as one girl can get and her slime-ball boyfriend, Richard, leaves her standing alone in a bad part of town where she’s picked up for solicitation. She’s taken to the station by Officer Paul Davis who tends to follow Leanne’s every move with his George Clooney eyes.

The story not only involves the romance of Leanne and Paul but also of Leanne’s sister, Nicky, and their best friend, Jade. Nicky and Jade rescue Leanne from the police station after the charges are dropped and the three of them decide they’ll fix Richard once and for all for not repaying Leanne the money she fronted him for his business.

All works out in the end for all three women, the men in their lives, and each other but there are some very interesting twists and turns in the story that will have you flipping pages right until the end.

This is one of Sheryl’s best offerings. It is a bit racy – a little more explicit than her other two books, but well worth the read. She has developed as a writer and well on her way to many successes.

Well done Ms. Browne!

Both books available in paperback and Kindle at

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Sheryl said...

Yay!!! Thank you, Vicki! What an absolutely lovely, lovely thing to do! I’d been having a bit of worry about my racy bits!!:) Really! Most writers will know where I’m coming from – do we ever not worry; hoping and praying readers will love our characters and feel their angst half as much as we do? Vicki, you just made my day!! Totally! Am thrilled to bits! THANK YOU – again!! xx