Monday, September 7, 2009

Tempering Agent

Tempering Agent
Sand, stone, shell, clay or plant fibers added to local clays to prevent pottery from shrinkage and cracking during firing or drying - This is the definition I found in an archaeological glossary - it is also the name of my new novel.

Chapter One begins finding Priscilla Hackling working in a dig in Sakkara just outside of Cairo, a section of the great necropolis of Memphis. When she hears a disturbance overhead she climbs out of the dig to find an officer arguing with her trusted assistant, Rayhan.

Priscilla is taken in to Cairo to the police station to discuss the three year old murder of her fiance, Trey Whittington, and the breastplate of the high priest which was stolen from a dig in southern Egypt.

The authorities accused her then of being part of his murder and the robbery, but she had been released - was it all starting again?

Stay tuned!

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