Sunday, August 30, 2009

Never Say Never

Well ~ it only took me two weeks to get back here this time. I have exciting news, I think ~ I've started a new novel.

I know I said I wouldn't do it again. I was going to write short stories and enter contests. After a lot of prodding, I'm eating my words.

This time Donnie, who is in the supporting cast of my other two novels, is out on his own and stepping into the romance arena. He's helping an intriguing English doctor solve a murder. She's an archaeologist and the working title is Tempering Agent.

I left Donnie in Egypt the last time he came out to play - so that's where it starts. And I'm mixing in my other hobby of collecting exotic gemstones - well that figures in, too.

So stay tuned folks, my writing class starts in a week and here we go again. If I finish this one - which if you know me, I will, it will take me about two years working and all. Of course I only plan to do that about 19 more months - so maybe sooner.

I'll keep you posted - and maybe even drop a few hints on the story line.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here I am! Is anybody out there?

It has been two months and nine days since my last post. I always feel like I don't have much to say and then, decide not to say anything. It has been a challenging year. I started out with great intentions to do more reviews but other things always got in the way.

I felt a little disappointed in what I've tried to do and who it is reaching as far as my promotions, too. I've also felt like I was out in left field somewhere just standing there waiting for someone, anyone, to throw the ball my way.

BUT - there's good things happening, too. I bought a video in February and taught myself the ancient craft of wire wrapping. I'm getting pretty good at it and may enter something in the county fair. Most importantly I've followed my two passions - reading and writing. Check out my current favs over in the right hand corner (recently added) I also have two projects under consideration with two different publishers and I continue to write. And kiss frogs :)

I had sort of decided to post some of my odd ball work - so below is a silly little poem I wrote about a chicken almost becoming dinner.


Chicken Dinner

There’s a chicken in the yard.
The table’s set for dinner.

The ax blade hugs the strap
Honing sharpened edge.

Shoulders squared, opponents eye their foe.
Red comb stiffens against a stew pot home.

Open beaked, pinned against the fence.
Clutching fist surrounds the handle.

Universal panic bridges the gap.
The salad plate is full.