Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Recently I was searching out the possibility of a new publisher and I came across the web site of L.D. Alford: Mr. Alford has several impressive books but the subject matter of Aegypt was especially interesting.

When I began reading Aegypt, I was concerned the story of Paul Bolang a lieutenant in the French Foreign Legion wasn’t going to hold my interest but Mr. Alford’s descriptive prose immediately changed my mind. By page three I was hooked and couldn’t put the book aside until I discovered the secret of the tombs.

With the onset of World War I, Bolang, a graduate student working toward his Ph.D. translating Egyptian hieroglyphics, reluctantly followed his family’s expectations with a military career.

After the war, he was eventually stationed in Tunisia. On the first day of his command at Fort Saint, Bolang noticed the almost perfectly flat area in front of the fort. Taking a shovel he uncovered a cornerstone which revealed an unusual glphy. After an archaeological team was formed, the dig began.

As the team searched for the hidden tombs, two of the workers are killed as the sealed door moved to open. Bolang realized a strange series of events had started to unfold and he was certain the party was about to unleash a force that would overtake mankind and plummet the world into darkness.

Mr. Alford is a powerful writer using skillful techniques to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. This is truly a book about the ever present battle between good and evil. I highly recommend Aegypt and know that a vast audience of readers will find themselves asking is it myth or is it real?

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Sounds like a really interesting book!